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Advertising, Promotions and Pricing

We will maintain an atmosphere that promotes socializing. to do other than drinking.

We will provide things

  • Advertising materials and campaigns will not use alcohol as the main way to attract patrons.

  • We will not use promotions that encourage intoxication. There will be no drinking contests. We will not advertise, “Buy one drink, get one free, two for the price of one, or all you can drink.” (These are against the law.)

  • We will not offer free alcohol or sell them below cost. This is against the law.

  • We will not lower alcohol prices to promote sales.

  • There will be no “Happy Hour” because this promotes too much drinking. We will

use food or entertainment for cocktail hour specials. For example, we will have a “Hungry Hour.” Appetizers will be free or offered for a low admission price. This brings in patrons and holds down intoxication.

  • We will not promote drink specials to certain groups of people. For example, “Ladies’ Night.” (This is against the law.)

  • When we promote a special cocktail, wine or beer, we will offer a comparable non-alcoholic drink. If we promote or list alcohol on a menu or display, we will promote a non-alcoholic drink also.

  • We will promote food and other non-alcoholic items using table tents.

  • If we offer free appetizers or snacks, we will offer them to any patron, whether or

not the patron buys alcohol.

Drink Service

  • Management and supervisors will support servers’ decisions to stop service to any patron. If they don't, the server might not act so responsibly in the future.

  • We will discourage intoxication and not serve any person who looks or acts intoxicated, even if they are taking a taxi or have a “designated driver.” This includes employees and regular patrons who may “always act that way.”

  • When a patron has been “cut off” in one person’s station, that person will tell other employees.

  • Responsible service techniques may reduce a server's tips. Therefore, we guarantee the tip to any server who stops service to an obviously intoxicated patron.


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