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  • Drinking alcohol during your shift, after your shift, or at closing time is not allowed. Drinking on the job impairs your ability to perform your duties. You are more likely to make mistakes in judgment such as serving underage or obviously intoxicated patrons. Drinking on the job can cause other employees to assume some of your duties without getting paid for the extra work. This can create bad morale. Also, it is harder for you to tell a patron they are "cut off" when you have been drinking along with that person.

  • We will not assume a patron wants alcohol. Instead of saying, "May I bring you a cocktail?" say, "May I bring you a beverage?"

  • We will promote “alternative beverages.” This is any beverage that can take the place of alcohol. The purpose is for pacing drinking, slowing intoxication, preparing to drive, or offering a beverage choice besides alcohol. Examples are: coffee, juices, mineral water, flavored waters, seltzer, non-alcoholic or low-alcohol beers, wines, and mixed drinks.

  • We will provide and promote “mocktail” non-alcoholic drinks that are similar to popular cocktails.

  • We will know who is getting each drink. We will not bring a drink for anyone

who is not present.

  • We will count drinks.

  • We will use measured shots, rather than free pouring to ensure against

overpouring. (Shots will be one ounce, rather than 1-1/2 or 2 ounces.)

  • We will not sell more than one drink to a patron at one time.

  • We will not sell pitchers to individual patrons.

  • We will not bring a second drink before the patron has finished the first one.

  • We will discourage the buying of rounds.

  • We will not push drinks.

  • We will slow down service if the patron is ordering or drinking rapidly. We will

visit the table less often and avoid the table until all patrons have finished their drinks.

  • At closing time, we will announce, "It's closing time. We will pick up all drinks in ___ minutes." We will not announce “last call” because this encourages patrons to gulp drinks before driving. We do not believe in “one more for the road.”

  • Bartenders will follow our standard drink recipes.


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