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Safe Rides

  • If a patron is too impaired to drive safely, we will persuade the person not to drive, and arrange for a safe ride. If the patron refuses, employees should advise a supervisor. The supervisor will call the police or sheriff with a description and the license plate number of the car.

  • We will post a list of taxi phone numbers at each bar, hostess station, and pay phone.

  • We will use the "Designated Driver" Program. The server will ask groups of three or more who the Designated Driver will be. The Designated Driver may receive free non-alcoholic drinks and/or food such as an appetizer or dessert. If the server sees the Designated Driver drinking alcohol, the Designated Driver must pay for all drinks and food he has consumed. “Designated Driver” does not mean that employees may overserve others in the group.

Staff Training

  • All staff will be trained in responsible beverage service.

  • All staff will be continually updated by management (meetings, memos, etc.).

  • We will provide extra training for employees who need practice in serving alcohol.


  • We will promote food during the late afternoon and evening hours. Appetizers will be available in the bar until closing time. We will offer high-protein or fatty foods such as meats and cheeses, which slow the absorption of alcohol. We will avoid salty, crunchy items because they cause patrons to drink more.

  • We will provide rewards to servers for increased food sales.

  • Servers will be rewarded for total sales, including non-alcoholic products.

  • We will promote non-alcoholic drinks with table tents.

Crowd Control and Security

  • We will allow free access to all law enforcement officers. This includes ABC investigators, police, and sheriff. (All of whom may be wearing uniforms or plainclothes.)

  • Overcrowding will not be allowed for several reasons. First, it makes us less able to watch our patrons. This can result in sales to minors and drunk patrons, fights,


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