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injury, and property damage. Second, patrons may not be able to exit the building during a fire or other crisis. Third, too many patrons means more mistakes, poorer service, and smaller tips.

  • We will limit our patrons to the Fire Department's legal limit. During busy times, door people will track the number of people coming in and out of the business.

  • We will have enough employees on duty. This will help us watch beverage sales and patrons. We will advise management when more staff is needed.

  • We will keep patrons from crowding around the bar. We will make sure patrons are able to move freely in hallways, aisles, and common areas.

  • To encourage socializing, we will provide table seating for groups of different sizes, games, and other non-drinking fun. We will keep the lighting from getting too dim and the music from getting too loud. Floor managers will have instant control over all lights, music, audio, and cooling.

  • Patrons are guests in our business. We will not permit loud, unpleasant, or obnoxious behavior.

  • We will not tolerate fighting among patrons. Security or management will ask anyone who is fighting to leave. If needed, security or management will call the police or sheriff for help. We will permanently refuse to admit any chronic problem patron.

  • We will record any serious problem (such as fights, injuries, or vandalism) in our Incident Log for future reference.

  • Security will monitor outside adjacent property to prevent loitering, drinking, illicit drug activity, etc.

  • We will maintain a close working relationship with the police or sheriff.

Drug-Free Workplace

  • We will not tolerate illicit drug use or sales by patrons or employees.

  • It is a violation of company policy to possess, sell, trade, or offer illegal drugs for

sale or engage in the illegal use of drugs on the job.

  • It is a violation of company policy to use or be under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol at anytime while on or using company property, conducting company business or otherwise representing the company.

  • Violations of this policy are subject to (letter of reprimand/suspension from work without pay/dismissal).


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