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Managing labour migration: The case of the Filipino and Indonesian domestic helper market in Hong Kong 47

Direct (Name) Hire A Filipino worker who is able to secure an overseas employment opportunity without the assistance or participation of any agency is considered a direct or name hire. Typically, the prospective employee has been referred and directly contacted by a foreign employer or the employee directly applied to the company. In such a case, the Filipino worker must still have documents processed at POEA and meet other requirements such as medical examinations, training, assessments and attending pre-

departure seminars (See Table ).34 workers’ contracts meet proper labor

These requirements ensure that the Filipino standards, the worker meets minimum skills and

health standards for deployed OFWs, and the Filipino is minimally insured for and welfare issues encountered while abroad. Most of these standards have been

health set by

POEA based on a bilateral agreements

combination of standards in the Philippines, the host country,










requirements have been completed, verified and will receive an e-Receipt. The receipt will serve

any associated fees paid, the Filipino as an Exit Clearance document at the

airport airport

prior to terminal

departure and will exempt the fee. Additionally, the Filipino

Filipino from paying the travel tax and will obtain an OFW ID card (E-card). 36

Licensed Private Recruitment Agency Filipino migrants may choose to find employment and complete all necessary documentation through a licensed private recruitment agency. As confirmed by an interview with the POLO in Hong Kong, the recruitment agencies in the Philippines must have a recruitment agency counterpart in the host country. A licensed agency may legally charge overseas applicants a placement fee that is equivalent to the

worker’s contracted one month’s salary.37 Service Workers (HSW) Protection and

According to POEA’s 2006 Household Welfare Enhancement Reform Package,

38 however, recruitment agencies are prohibited from domestic worker, whether prior to their departure deductions.

collecting or in the

a placement

fee from a

host country

via salary

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