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Reyes, Pedro M., Frazier, G., Prater, E., and Whitehead, K. “E-supply chains in the retail

industry: Operational improvements and the impact of RFID,” Journal of Operations and Production Management, 9/11.

submitted to International

Worthington, William, Reyes, Pedro M, and Collins, Jamie.

“Knowledge Management

Systems: Adoption to Performance,” submitted to Decision Sciences Journal, 5/11, revisions in process.

Wakefield, Robin. L., Reyes, Pedro M., Berisso, Kevin, and Zelbst, Pamela, “Dynamic Path Analysis: Using RFID and Data Visualization to Analyze People Flow at a Non-Profit Market Event,” submitted to MIS Quarterly, 10/10, revisions in process.

Caldas, C., Menches, C., Reyes, Pedro M., Navarro, L, and Vargas, D. “Identification of global procurement and materials management practices in the construction industry,” submitted to Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 11/10, revisions in process.

Reyes, Pedro M., Heim, Gregory, and Jaska, Patrick. “Improving Customer Service with RFID Technology: Analyzing Real Option Value from RFID Service Applications.” Submitted to Journal of Operations Management, 3/10; revisions in process.

Working Papers

Reyes, Pedro M., Mann, J., and Jaska, P. “A theoretical framework for the emergency response and humanitarian supply decision, target journal: European Journal of Operational Research.

Mann, J., Reyes, Pedro M., and Jaska, P. “Recycle systems design for end-of-life electronics based on remanufacture: in developing countries, target journal: International Journal of Production Research.

Reyes, Pedro M., Li, Suhong, and Visich, John, “RFID Technology in Supply Chain Management,” manuscript status: instrument design completed, target journal: Journal of Operations Management.

Reyes, Pedro M. “Impact of RFID Technology on the Bullwhip Effect” manuscript status: design of experiment completed, target journal: Production and Operations Management.

Reyes, Pedro M. “Radio Frequency Identification Past, Present, and Future: A Literature Review,” manuscript status: data collection in process, target journal: International Journal of Operations and Production Management.


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