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Dressing for Interview Success

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression!

Unless you look the part, don’t expect the offer. Here are guidelines for men’s and women’s suits, shirts, shoes, neckwear, accessories, jewelry, overcoats, makeup, and personal hygiene. The moment we set eyes on someone, our minds make evaluations and judgements with lightning speed. The same is true for the potential employers who must assess us.


Men’s Suits

A dark, solid color suit of Navy Blue, Charcoal Gray, Dark Gray-The darker the suit the more authority it carries.

Do NOT wear a black suit unless you are going to a funeral.

Pinstripes are acceptable, so long as the stripes themselves are muted and very narrow.

Fabric should be 100% wool.

Do NOT wear a three-piece suit.

Standard, two-button suit jacket is the perennial favorite.

Do NOT wear a blazer or sport coat to an interview.

Double-breasted suit jackets should not be worn to an interview.

Most important; Make sure the suit fits you well.

Men’s Shirts

The principles here are simple:

Rule One: Always wear a long-sleeved shirt.

Rule Two: Always wear a white, cream or pale-blue, pinpoint cotton oxford cloth dress shirt with lots of starch.

Rule Three: Always wear a button-down, long pointed collar or tab collar.

Rule Four: Never violate Rules One, Two or Three.

A solid white shirt conveys honesty, intelligence and stability.

Do NOT wear monogrammed shirts.

Make sure the shirt fits properly.

Make sure the collar fits the neck properly.

You shirt should show ¼ inch of cuff below the jacket sleeve.

Do not wear cuff links unless you have researched the company and it is accepted in the industry.  Most of the time, this is considered TOO FORMAL!

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