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Men’s Neckties

100% pure silk tie. No substitutes. Brooks Brothers and Joseph A. Bank stores have a great selection of corporate neckwear.

The width of your tie should approximate the width of our suit lapels, usually 2 ¾ inches to 3 ½ inches.

The tie should complement the suit but not match it. For example, you would not wear a navy blue tie with a navy blue suit.

Acceptable styles of neckties that match the suit are solids, foulards, stripes and paisleys.  Be careful with paisleys.

No ties with logos on the front, sporting symbols, animals, etc.

No bow ties. Leave these to George Will and Orville Redenbacker.

Length of the tie should extend to your trouser belt, not below it.

Men’s Shoes

Black leather or brown leather

Lace-up wing tips are the most conservative.

Slip-on dress shoes or loafers are acceptable but not boat shoes.

Men’s Socks

Complement the suit with blue, black, or gray socks.

Calf length socks ONLY should be worn.

No bare skin should show and the socks should not bunch toward the ankle as you move.

Men’s Accessories

Never wear political or religious insignias in the form of rings, ties, or pins.

Wrist-watch should be simple and plain. No digital watches, Mickey Mouse watche, or Swatch-style watches.

Briefcase, if you carry one, should be dark brown or burgundy leather only.

Belts should match or complement the shoes. Black shoes = black belt. Brown shoes = brown belt.

Men’s Jewelry

Wedding bands are acceptable

Small pair of subdued cuff links if wearing French cuffs, of course.

No fraternity rings, bracelets, neck chains, earrings or medallions.

Tie clips and tie tacks are passe.

Men’s Overcoats

Beige and blue only

Avoid wearing an overcoat if possible.

Personal Hygiene

Bad breath, dandruff, body odor or dirty, unmanicured nails have the potential to undo all of your efforts at putting across a good first impression.

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