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Employment Details: 1/6/2014-present

TekSystems – (Data Architect/ETL) Oracle 11g, Oracle Developer, PL/SQL, KSH, Unix.

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Penn State (PSU) IdS. Did the Analysis for the migration of data and software and security components of the Cactus-CPR Transition. Oracle schemas, database objects, stored database code, external PL/SQL scripts, ksh/perl scripts, various Unix utilities scripts, java code were analyzed for inter-dependencies and relevancy to the new system and its data model. Some data model review, code review, architecture, review, inventory and analysis of components that needed to be moved, retired or archived. Transitioned to Data Modeler role (used Oracle DataModeler).


Eliasz.com – (Data Architect/ETL.) Oracle 11g, Sql-Navigator, PL/SQL, Er/Win 8.2, KSH, Unix.

WF Bank Marketing Data Warehouse project. I was Data Architect for Customer Leads & Offers subject area with four fact tables and six dimensions. We used Er/Win 8.2, Sql-Navigator, PL/SQL to develop custom ETL process. I also wrote SQL, PL/SQL and Unix shell scripts. Project work was almost entirely done remotely, collaborating with MS Lync / Outlook tools and Sharepoints. The Data Mart was a pilot (not production). Scale was huge (Multi-Billion record tables, Multi TB Mart).


Eliasz.com – (DBA/Data Conv.) MySQL v5.5, vi, TOAD for MySQL 6.3.

Moving data for meat processor from an old server to new server; Export, Import, some light cleansing of data. Used TOAD/MySQL to export data and/or sql statements to re-create database and reload on the new server. Used vi to globally replace(cleanse) some data to conform it to a standard.


SDI – (Data Modeler/ETL Developer), Oracle 10g-11g, KSH, Unix, PL/SQL, SQL, Toad 9.7,

partitioning, ETL, Er/Win. Sql-Server

Oracle ETL, PL/SQL development & Unix System Integration ETL Performance Tuning. Worked with innovative Healthcare software / data in the multi-Terabyte (>>10TB; DWH Data Factory). Worked on FDA project. Invented metadata and developed metadata driven process to pause, stop, start, restart, and prioritize large/medium/small jobs to get maximum through-put. It was automatic and I built-in a human-in-the-loop ability too. Imported Sql-Server into Oracle one-time.


AIG – (Data Modeler/ETL Developer /DBA) Oracle9i-10g, ksh, SunOS5.8, HP/UX, PL/SQL,SQL,

pkgs/procs Toad8x, SAS, ETL, SOX

Oracle DBA, Data Warehouse, Performance Tuning. SOX PL/SQL (package) application for recertification of Oracle DBs / preparing audit reports. Managed 10+ Terabyte Data Warehouse in Oracle 10.2. VL tables (>1TB).


Glaxo Smith-Kline / Phila. Mayor’s Office DataWarehouse (ETL Developer/DBA) Oracle 9i,

10g, Business Objects Designer 6.5, KSH, Perl 5.x, Sun OS 5.8, PL/SQL, SQL, stored procedures /db triggers, Sql*Developer, Sql*Navigator 5.5, partitioning, blobs/clobs, automated refreshes. SOX. SAS


Primavera – (Data Modeler/Data Architect/ETL Developer) Oracle 9.2/10g, CDC, ETL, Perl 5.8

Data Modeling, PL/SQL, SQL, stored procedures, shell scripts, Sql Developer, Java.

Data Architect / ETL. Designed the ETL process to support both Sql*Server & Oracle. It was a Data Mart / ODS reporting

tool 08/2005-12/2005

GMAC (Data Modeler/ETL Developer)

Oracle 9.2, Er/Win 4.1, Data Modeling, ETL, Data

Warehouse (Mortgage/Loan Products), PL/SQL, SQL, stored procedures / packages/ db triggers, Toad

Oracle DBA, Data Modeler, & ETL Developer. Customized industry standard model(MISMO) enhanced to support GMAC. Used Er/Win to model Enterprise Data Warehouse for Mortgage/Lending. Established naming standards, domains(std data types), PL/SQL programs to perform ETL. Tuning


McNeil (Data Modeler/ETL Developer) Oracle9.2, ksh, Er/Win 4.1, Data Modeling, SunOS 5.8,

PL/SQL, SQL, stored procs / pkgs, Unix shells, Toad. SAP Logon Pad, SAP R/3, BW, BEx Analyzer

Oracle DBA, Data Architect. McNeil did data modeling & performed application DBA work on Validated & non-Validated systems, including Sales Roster & Pharmaceutical Dashboard. Also worked as a Business Analyst on an SAP BW project (reporting using BEx). Developed & Trained the Trainers on BW Reporting using BEx.


Primavera (Data Modeler/ETL Developer) Oracle9.2, ksh, Er/Win 3.5.2, Data Modeling, Sun

OS5.8, PL/SQL, SQL, stored procs. / pkgs, Unix shells, Sql*Navigator 4.5/Toad, materialized view(replication); Agile Methodology.

Oracle DBA, DataWarehouse Developer. Did data architecture, data warehouse, data modeling, DBA, & developed with(ksh, SQL, PL/SQL). Used Change Data Capture to capture OLTP changes from redo logs (not the tables). Implemented the CDC process & ETL in staging tables & then replicated the data to a schema for near-real-time reporting & analysis on 30 minute intervals. Data modeling, Architecture, ETL, System Integration, & DBA duties.


Glaxo Smith-Kline(GSK) (DBA/ETL Developer) Oracle 8i/9i, KSH, Perl 5.x, Sun OS 5.8,

PL/SQL, SQL, stored procedures /db triggers, Sql*Navigator 4.5, Java (1.4), JDBC2.0, partitioning, blobs/clobs,

C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon


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