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Employment Details: automated refreshes

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Oracle DBA, Data Warehouse Developer. Used analytical skills, data modeling, DBA, & programming skills(KSH/Perl, SQL, PL/SQL & Java) to maintain Data Warehouses(Financial, Time/Projects, etc.). I moved the basic tables to partitioned tables. Developed load/unload BLOBS in/out of the database. Developed an automated db refresh in Unix shell scripts, using exp/imp & some dynamic sql. Used dynamic sql on two other ETL processes (to rebuild indexes, including partitioned/subpartitioned indexes with the constraints) & 2nd refresh process using PL/SQL. DBA on 2 DataWarehouses.


Bristol-Myers Squibb – (DBA, Web Developer) SQL Navigator, ClearCase/Remedy, Oracle 8i/9i,

Oracle9iAS, servlets, JSP, JDBC, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, Java, Javascript, PL/SQL, SQL, stored procedures/packages,


Oracle DBA/Internet Developer. Two diverse projects, requiring, DBA, PL/SQL, SQL, HTML, Java, Javascript, Web Apps/Servlets, JSP, Web/Application servers, UNIX shells, & Pharmaceutical experience. Did Public Disclosure system that controlled public disclosures of sensitive trade information/products/compounds in: journals, conferences, presentations or public postings without compromising intellectual property. Web Appl. built with Oracle RDBMS, 9iAS, PL/SQL Web Toolkit, HTML, JavaScript & stored procedures to develop web application that generated dynamic web content. Developed using PL/SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, stored procedures & deployed to Oracle Application Server. A second project to deploy IE 6.x to replace Netscape4.8. Handled DHTML, & cross browser issues between Netscape & IE. Wrote servlets / JSP written in Java, with HTML, Javascript, Unix shells for a J2EE web application deployed to Oracle9iAS.

3/2003-8/2003 Oracle 9i

Xybion – (Data Modeler) Oracle Designer 9i, Data Modeling, Pharmaceutical Clinical Lab Mgt,

Used Oracle Designer 9i to review a data model, made physical model recommendations for Pharmaceutical/Clinical/Lab Management system. Modified physical model


Independence Blue Cross (Data Modeler, Web Developer, Busienss Process Analyst) – Intranet,

Dreamweaver MX, Visio, GIF’s, Casewise Corporate Modeler 8e, HTML. MS Office, BPR

Technical Architect. Did Business Process Modeling, Systems Analysis, Engineering diagrams, & collected the data / diagrams producing meta data / drawings for Enterprise-wide Application Architecture. Published to corporate Intranet. Led developer team, established development procedures / standards, business process modeling, Visio drawings & used Dreamweaver MX to do the initial prototype of website for the Application Architecture.

4/2002 - 8/2002

FUSURA/AIG – (DBA, Data Modeler, ETL) Oracle 8i, Oracle Enter. Mgr, E-Commerce, JDBC,

MTS, LINUX/Solaris, Data Warehouse, Materialized Views

Data Architect / DBA. Data Architecture & DBA. Oracle 8i, LINUX & Sun Solaris, AG Dynamo, Apache, Tomcat used to build & update web app for E-Commerce insurance web site. Managed, tuned, designed, deployed: to Dev/QA/ Prod. & Data Warehouse dbs. Designed/developed feeds to the Internet.

12/2001 – 3/2002

Aetna US Healthcare & IKON/Campbell Soup – (ETL, Data Architect) Oracle 8i/9i, Oracle

Parallel Server v8, PL/SQL, Sql*Loader, IBM SP. ETL Data Warehouse, TOAD

At Aetna, I reverse engineered PL/SQL ETL application. I also diagnosed / fixed ETL problems with Aetna US Healthcare’s NYLCare Data Warehouse. Tuning & surveyed various databases using Oracle Parallel Server on an IBM SP (IKON,

Campbell Soup).


GE Capital – (DBA, Web Developer, Data Modeler, ETL) Oracle8i, Oracle Enterprise Mgr, Oracle

Designer 6.1, Data Modeling, E-Commerce, JDBC, Sun Solaris.SAS

Data Architect, data modeler & system architect. Use Oracle, Apache/JServ, with HTML forms & JDBC servlets for e- commerce site. Established SQL, JDBC standards & tuned SQL & database. Used Oracle Designer, created database objects & deploy the database. Oracle’s multithreaded server(MTS) to scale # of users to support 300 concurrent internet transactions. Data Warehouse tuning. Taught BI/Star modeling. E-commerce site. Used partitions in ETL to load data from a client/server app.

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M e d i



r a c l e 8 i , O

r a c l e


n t e r p r i s e



E r / W i

n v 3 . 5 , D


M o d e l i n g ,

R i g h t w o r k s ,

Catalog/Shopping cart, OnDisplay, Internet Portal

A medical/biomedical Internet Portal for hospitals/biomedical companies to procure through the portal. Used Internet COTS components and integrated them minimizing the custom code. Did Data Architecture for Catalog Data Acquisition & Loading, designed Data / Technical Architecture for functional requirements / specifications.


Naviant - Oracle v8.i; Oracle Enterprise Mgr, Er/Win v3.5, Data Modeling, ODS/DM, VLDB

(>1TB), PL/SQL, Sql*Loader, Java, JDBC, Java Stored Procedures, Sql*Navigator, SAS, Sun O/S 5.7, Siebel CRM

C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon


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