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Before being allowed to register for any Level I courses, candidates admitted to the programme under Reg. 2(b) must normally have passes in two A-Levels or Preliminary courses equivalent to 24 credits spread equally over any two of the subjects Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics. However, if such a candidate already possesses one (1) GCE A-level pass (or equiva- lent) in an approved science subject, that can- didate may gain exemption from the relevant Preliminary courses equivalent to 12 credits, and may be allowed to register for 12 credits of Level I courses. Such courses if passed will be cred- ited towards the requirement for the degree (Reg. 7).


Candidates admitted to the programme under Reg. 2(a) may also register for Preliminary courses equivalent to twelve (12) credits in Biol- ogy, Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics for the purpose of obtaining Prerequisites for entry to level I or II courses.


Full-time and part-time candidates admitted to the programme under Reg. 2, are required to register for Level I Faculty courses equivalent to a minimum of fifteen (15) or six (6) credits re- spectively per semester, in addition to the Foun- dation courses.


In order to satisfy the minimum requirement for entry to Level II, a candidate must normally record passes in Level I courses equivalent to a minimum of twenty-four (24) credits in Faculty courses.



A student is deemed to have registered for a course once his/her financial obligations to the University have been fulfilled.


Registration for any course constitutes registra- tion for the associated examination, and a stu- dent will therefore be deemed to have failed the course if he/she does not attend the examina- tion without having previously been allowed to withdraw from the course (see Reg. 16), or with- out having tendered evidence of illness at the time of the examinations certified by a medical practitioner recognized by the University. In the latter case, the medical certificate must be re- ceived by the Campus Registrar no later than seven (7) days after the date of the examination concerned.


A candidate registered for a course may withdraw from it by submitting a Change of Registration Form to the Assistant Registrar (Student Affairs) through the Dean. In the absence of exceptional circum-



BOOKLET 2004 – 2005 of Science & Agriculture


FA C U L T Y Faculty

14b. Candidates may register for courses at the beginning of each semester. Changes in registration must be effected up to the end of the third week for semester I courses and the end of the second week for semester II courses.

stances, such notification must be received by the Dean by the end of the fourth week of the semester in which the course is offered.



14a. A candidate pursuing a degree in the Faculty may register as a full-time student or as a part-time stu- dent but may change the status of his/her registra- tion. A candidate who is in full-time employment may only pursue a degree on a part-time basis. Per- mission for this will depend on submission to the Dean, of a certificate prepared by the Faculty and signed by the candidate’s employer, stating that the candidate will be given the necessary release throughout the period of registration. Full-time stu- dents may take employment for not more than 12- hours per week without losing their full-time sta- tus. Teaching and Research Assistants shall be reg- istered as part-time students. A student who is employed for more than 12-hours per week shall be registered as a part-time student.



Progress Through The Programme




A candidate may not be allowed to register for a course on grounds of repeated failure or poor performance in the course.

A candidate who has passed a course will be permitted to re-register for that course.


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