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CHANCELLOR Sir George Alleyne OCC, MD, FRCP, FACP (Hon), Hon. DSC (UWI) - page 98 / 136





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FA C U L T Y Faculty

BOOKLET 2004 – 2005 of Science & Agriculture

COMP 3100 (CS31A) OPERATING SYSTEMS (4 credits)

COMP 3150 (CS32A) COMPUTER NETWORKS (4 credits)

Prerequisite: COMP 2200 (CS21E) Syllabus: Introduction to a systems programming language. Overview of Von Neumann computer architecture. Processes: Process cre- ation/destruction, implementation, process table entries. Pro- cess Management: Context switching, interrupt handling, in- ter-process communication, race conditions, mutual exclusion, critical regions, busy-waiting solutions, sleep-wakeup solutions, scheduling algorithms. Deadlocks: Pre-emption, necessary con- ditions, deadlock modelling, detection, avoidance, prevention. Memory Management: Multiprogramming, relocation and pro- tection, swapping, bit-mapped management, linked-list man- agement, partition management, virtual memory. Virtual Memory: Pages, page frames, page tables, address translation, Memory Management Unit (MMU), page faults, translation look aside buffers, and page replacement algorithms.File Systems: Contiguous allocation, linked-list allocation, index nodes, imple- menting directories. Disk Performance Optimisation: Seek optimisation strategies. Input/Output: Device controllers, I/O ports, memory-mapped I/O, direct memory access, interrupt handlers, device drivers. Resource Protection: Protection do- mains, access matrices, access lists, capabilities lists, lock-

key mechanisms. Examination: One 2-hour written paper Coursework

75% 25%

Prerequisite: COMP 310 0 (CS31A) Syllabus: Computer Networks and the Internet. The Internet. Network edge and core. Network access and physical media. Protocol layers and their Service models. The Application Layer. Prin- ciples of application layer protocols. HTTP, FTP, Email, SMTP, DNS etc. Socket programming with TCP and UDP. The Trans- port Layer. Transport-layer services. Multiplexing and demultiplexing. UDP and TCP. Reliability. Congestion control. The Network layer and Routing Service models. Routing. IP. Mobility. Link Layer and Local Area Networks Services. Error detection and correction. Multiple access protocols. Ethernet. Network hardware. Wireless links. PPP. Frame Relay. Multi- media Networking. Streaming stored audio and video. Types of services. Protocols for real-time Interactive Applications. Intro- duction to Network Design. The network design process. Com-

mon WAN, LAN and backbone designs. Examples. Examination: One 2-hour written paper Coursework

75% 25%


Prerequisite: Syllabus:

COMP 2000


Software processes. Software requirements and specifications. Software design and implementation. Verification and valida- tion. Software tools and environments. Software project meth-

odologies. Quality assurance and metrics. Examination: One 2-hour written paper Coursework

75% 25%


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