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Lt. Gen. Thomas P. Stafford,deputy chief of staff for Research,Development

and Acquistionwill brief the group on the U.S. Air Force Shuttle Program.

A review on the Approach and Landing Program, the Orbital Flight Test status

of Shuttle and the crrent activitieswith Skylab will be presentedto the

assembled group of former astronautsby Donald K. Slayton,manager for Orbital

Flight Test.

John Young, chief, Astronaut Office, will bring the group up to date on

crew selectionand training,and a briefingon Flight Control Operationswill

be presentedby M. P. "Pete" Frank, chief, Flight Control Division.

A briefingon global food and fibre inventorywill be given by W. E. Rice,

manager, Earth Resources Program,and Robert O. Piland, associate directorfor

Program Development,Engineeringand Development,will brief the former

astronautson the solar power satellite.

The flight crews of the Orbiter Approachand Landing Tests wi'Ilbrief the

group on their flights, and Jerry C. Bostick,manager, Payload Deploymentand

RetrievalSystems Office will brief the group on USUSSR Joint Space Program Status.

A briefingon what we have learned from the Moon rocks will be given by

John R. Sevier, associate directorof the Lunar Planetary Institute.

While here at JSC, inspectiontours will be conducted for the former

astronautsof the Crew Systems area, remote manipulator system, full-scale

orbiter mockup, and the Orbiter AeroflightSimulatorShuttle Mission Simulator.

The former astronautswill also be offered the opportunityto have one-on-one

sessionswith other astronautsand managementheads at JSC during the two day session.

Several of the former astronautswill take their annual physicalwhile


at JSC during the two day session.

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