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While Tuesday's sessionsexplore the past and the present

of the solar system, a specialmeeting on Wednesdaywill discuss the

future. Entitled "LookingForward,"this session will include a series

of papers about future planetary exploration,coveringnew and promising

techniquessuch as radar mapping of Venus and discussingfuture missions that cold be sent to Mars.

Mars and Mercury will be discussedtogether at a meeting

devoted exclusivelyto new results on these two planets.

Special sessionsare also being organized for subjectsthat ar

expeciallyexcitingfor the scientificcommunity. Mars and Mercury will

be discussed togetherat a meeting devoted exclusivelyto new results

on these two planets. A special session on meteoriteswill present new

results from a

new "gold rush" in space sciences

the discoveryof

dozens of well-preservedmeteoriteson the frozen Antarctic ice cap

this past winter, Prof. William Cassidy, the Universityof Pittsburgh

geologistwho led a U.S.-Japaneseteam which made the discovery

believesthat two of the meteoritesmay be preservedmaterial fro a

very early period of solar system history.

These two meteorites,along with about 300 other fragments,

will be examined in detail at the Johnson Space Center later this spring

and summer. This collectionmay prove to be an importantsource of new

informationabout the origin and history of the solar system. Two of

the specimensare believedto be carbonaceouschondrites,a rare

carbon-bearingtype of meteorite that may give us a new understanding

abot the origin of life.



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