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RULES AND REQUIREMENTS. I agree to conduct myself in accordance with BREVARD - page 3 / 4





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THE ACTIVITY, OR ANY ADJUNCT TO THE ACTIVITY, OCCURS OR IS BEING CONDUCTED. I further agree that the Releasees are not in any way responsible for any injury or damage that I sustain as a result of my own negligent acts.

ASSUMPTION OF RISK: I understand that there are potential dangers incidental to my participation in the Program, some of which may be dangerous and which may expose me to the risk of personal injuries, property damage, or even death. I understand that these potential risks include, but are not limited to: travel to and from [SPECIFY], local transportation to and from the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador including but not limited to foreign political, legal, social, and economic conditions, language barriers, safety hazards, crime, disease, consumption of food, civil unrest or hostilities, terrorism, war, natural disasters and weather conditions, negligent first aid operations or medical treatment, and other risks that are unknown at this time. I KNOWINGLY AND VOLUNTARILY ASSUME ALL SUCH RISKS, BOTH KNOWN AND UNKNOWN, EVEN IF ARISING FROM THE ACTS IF THE RELEASEES, UNLESS THEY ARISE FROM THE RELEASEES’ INTENTIONAL OR GROSSLY NEGLIGENT ACTS, and I assume full responsibility for my participation in the Program.

INDEMNITY: I, on behalf of myself, my personal representatives, heirs, executors, administrators, agents, and assigns, agree to hold harmless, defend and indemnify the Releasees from any and all liability, including any and all claims, demands, causes of action (known or unknown), suits, or judgments of any and every kind (including attorneys' fees), arising from any injury, property damage or death that I may suffer as a result of my participation in the Program, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER THE INJURY, DAMAGE OR DEATH IS CAUSED BY THE RELEASEES OR OTHERWISE, UNLESS THE INJURY DAMAGE OR DEATH IS CAUSED BY THE RELEASEES’ GROSS NEGLIGENCE OR INTENTIONAL ACTS.

PERSONAL BELONGINGS: I understand and acknowledge that BREVARD COLLEGE is not responsible for the loss of any personal belongings or property that I sustain during my participation in the Program, including but not limited to the loss of credit cards, cash, luggage, and other items.

PERSONAL MEDICAL INSURANCE. I agree to purchase (and maintain during the term of the Program) personal medical insurance that is applicable in the countries to which I am traveling, as indicated on my itinerary for the Program. I further acknowledge and agree that I am responsible for the cost of any and all medical and health services I may require as a result of participating in the Program. I understand that BREVARD COLLEGE provides to BREVARD COLLEGE study abroad program participants excess health insurance through AIG Worldsource, including an excess medical policy, repatriation, medical evacuation and non-medical assist service (AIG Assist). I understand and agree that this is an excess policy and that it does not waive the requirement for me to purchase my own primary health care coverage for my study abroad program and travel.

MEDICAL CONSENT. I understand and agree that Releasees do not have medical personnel available at the location of the Program. In the event of any medical emergency, I (initial one) do____do not____ authorize and consent to any x-ray examination, anesthetic, medical, dental or surgical diagnosis or treatment, and hospital care that BREVARD COLLEGE’s personnel deem necessary for my safety and protection. I understand and agree that Releasees assume no responsibility for any injury or damage which might arise out of or in connection with such authorized emergency medical treatment.

CHOICE OF LAW: I hereby agree that this Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of North Carolina. I understand that I may seek legal counsel of my own choosing

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