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Jonah Question and Answer

Dear Jonah, thank you very much for all your help and mostly for filling up our souls with so much hope. My question is: how can one avoid being emotionally dependent from its partner (mate)? Means, our mood changing according to his/her actions...instantly Is it fear of rejection? Is it pure selfishness? Georgia Tsevrenidi, Greece

Beloved, indeed independent versus dependent. Independent does not mean to shun one, but rather to express one‟s own power, power of emotion, power of mind, power of spirit, power of expressing one‟s own pathway. When one fears rejection, they indeed fear expressing their own true self out of fear of loss. Yet loss is what they experience. Each one chooses as a soul what to express, express it not, then one does become dependent on another. Listen to our messages, Sacred Marriageand Courage to be Different”…Jonah

"Dear Jonah, would you please explain to me what anger means? What does it mean on a feeling level not to be angry anymore? When angry people take their anger out on me, how would I feel and respond had I healed my anger?" Thank you! Cornelius Savopoulos, Boulder, Colorado

There is positive anger and negative anger. Positive anger is anger without judgment. Negative anger is using judgment, meaning condemnation. Ye ask, What does it mean on a feeling level not to be angry anymore?It means ye would not feel the anger and anger would not affect ye, affect ye in terms of denying yourself love. Beloved, why would there be anger? Where does the anger come from? Negative anger means denial of self, denial of expressing ones pathway, denial of love of self, and self condemnation. What have ye done or not done in the past that creates a receptacle for your anger? Search this. Did it come from parents, school, society, social conditioning, and/or social fear of rejection? Remove the receptacle and the anger has no place in which it can affect ye. When ones anger is healed they stop attracting anger from others, meaning the anger no longer resides in your energy field and it falls from ye as water on a ducks back. Study well our message “Healing Depression, the Art of Restoring Joy.”…Jonah

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