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Questions for future Newsletters

Good day, my beloved teacher, 1. In the intensive, you mentioned those who carry scars from religious indoctrination. If one has worked and healed their religious beliefs, will there still be scars? If so, how does one release the scars or will they remain as reminders to not return to the old patterns?

2. In the coming war you spoke of, I understand it is very important to maintain a realm of consciousness higher than that of the war. For those who are parents or siblings of those who will be drafted into the military and be in harm's way, do you have any recommendations on how not to empower fear and thereby lower our consciousness?

3. As we remember and live that 4th dimensional consciousness here in the 3rd dimension, how will we transition to the 4th dimension? Will not the ultimate test of our animalistic nature of survival be experiencing our own physical death without fear? Will we then incarnate into the 4th? My deepest love and gratitude to you, Jonah, and to Hossca for keeping your commitment to come back and assist us to go home…Jeannie Smith, Castle Rock, Colorado

Jonah, what if any part of my hypothesis of the fall of humanity is accurate: When humans fell from the fourth dimension, it was as it is now ... a grand awakening, a shift and a thinning of dimensional walls. Because of the dramatic changes, the fear, and the enormous responsibility of making the choice to either ascend or descend into another level of consciousness ... humans looked for something or someone to tell them what to do. They looked for a savior, a messiah to tell them what to do. Predictably, a “light-bearer”, Lucifer, obliged them, accepted the power they had relinquished, and promised salvation or survival to those that were obedient. Lucifer led some of humanity into the third dimension, a dimension where ones became trapped in the polarities of obedience and rebellion of external rules ... as opposed to the freedom and integrity of the fourth dimension where ones embrace their own uniqueness and creativity…Jaclyn Miller, Woodland Park, Colorado Jonah, Many people are being diagnosed with Lupus, an auto-immune disorder. The

western medical community states they do not know a cause, but can only identify some triggers that activated Lupus. Is it difficult to find a cause because there are different causes as to why the body would attack itself? Is it individual based on the persons mental and emotional patterns? Will healers, of different modalities, see an increase in people who seek assistance with Lupus symptoms? How can Tai Yi benefit

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