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Lupus? Tami Urbanek, Monument, Colorado

You have advised that on days when there are chemtrails in the skies it would be prudent to stay indoors as much as possible, and to inhale lavender to counteract the effects. But what about the animals we’re responsible for who live outdoors? What can we do to assist them with dealing with the toxic effects? Thank you. I deeply appreciate the information you share with us! Diana Lees, Elgin, AZ

Dear Jonah, Is the use of so-called orgonite or “Dan Croft cloudbusters” as beneficial against airborne and electromagnetic toxicity as is claimed? Thank you! Diana Lees, Elgin, AZ

"Where do we go?" is what the autistic Temple Grandin matter of factly asked when her horse died, and again when her beloved professor died. In terms of physics, where do we go? If we are third dimensional, then, even when the physical body is vacated, the remaining eleven bodies must still remain in a third dimensional frequency web. Do the remaining bodies have mass? Do we end up around galaxies in our universe as dark matter, adding to the gravitational force picked up by our WMAP satellites? Death is not a ticket to the fourth dimension, as you have said, so we must remain somewhere in the third. Perhaps we shift our electromagnetic frequencies, collapsing our wave function into the unseen 95% of our universe. Michael Bohoskey, Durango, Colorado

Jonah, In a recent group, you stated to someone that the oats they were eating were genetically modified. GM oats are not approved for human consumption and "do not exist" according to the FDA and other GM watchdogs. How did these GM oats get into the food system? How many other GM foods are in our food supply that supposedly "do not exist"? Independent labs exist for testing the presence of GMOs, but they can test only for GMOs known to exist. How can we expose the existence of these unapproved GMOs? Thanks, Matt Spaeth - Lyons, Colorado

Dear Jonah, What is the difference between shame and guilt? Thank you in advance! Anastasia Mitrogogou, Athens, Greece

Dear Jonah, The number Twelve seems to have much significance in the Universe, with 12 Bodies, 12 Dimensions, 12 Realms in each Dimension, 12 Ancient Mystery Schools, and 12 months in a year. When my wife Patti's mother had a stroke and was learning to speak again, she would say the word "Twelve" to many questions. When she was asked to count she would say Twelve, or when she could not describe something she would just say Twelve. Is there a significance to her saying Twelve? Please describe the significance of the number Twelve and why we see it in so often in the Universe? Thank you for your love and guidance! With Aloha and Light, Wayne Holum Kailua Kona, Hawaii

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