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Dear Jonah What would you recommend for ones that have the Herpes 6 virus that causes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Thank you for your help Sofia Rossou, Patra, Greece

Dear Jonah, Physicists think of dimensions in terms of coordinates, up/down, left/right and such, but it occurs to me that this concept may not be appropriate for describing dimensions, even though it seems an obvious choice. You described dimensions as frequency bands, analogous to tuning to a station on a radio. If one were in the 4th or 5th dimension, as you describe, would there not still be a three coordinate reference in that physical reality? Is it not the frequency of the string matrix that changes from one dimension to another, rather than the coordinate variables? And is not this partly the limitation of 4th dimensional mathematics, its attachment to coordinate variables as being dimensions? Michael Bohoskey, Oro, Arizona

Hello Jonah, Four days straight and each day worse. The constant all day long barrage of chem trailing is to the point that today the trails fan out to blend into the ones next to them so that the sky is obliterated for as far and wide as the eye can see. To the unsuspecting

eye it looks as if the sky is feathered with light cloud cover.

Who is orchestrating the

spraying and why such massive coverage?

Are there some areas targeted more than

others? We get hit a lot in the Santa Fe area but the frequency has vastly increased and the coverage more extensive.. Why? Thank you, Sheri Perrin, Santa Fe, New Mexico

"Hello Jonah. I would like some help in understanding the animalistic nature a bit deeper. How is the human instinct of survival different than that of animals? Is survival in humans about the fear of not being loved whereas in animals it is of dying? In increasing suicide rates we see how people actually resort to death instead of fearing it. Also on the list of top fears in the U.S., death ranked only 7 whereas public speaking ranked top of the list. Is the fear of public exposure associated with the fear of emotional rejection (humiliation)? Thank you! Cor Savopoulos, Boulder, Colorado

Dear Jonah

  • 1.

    How do the elite protect their physical health from aerosol spraying?

  • 2.

    Are commercial airlines also involved in spraying or only the military? Are there controls in the cockpit so that pilots need know what's going on or is it an automatic operation in their ignorance?

  • 3.

    Where need I search to find details on the above questions?

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