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Thank you! Cornelius Savopoulos, Boulder, Colorado

Jonah - What really happened to the drumfish and blackbirds in Arkansas. The news is trying to say it was overpopulation for the fish and lightening for the birds. I find that hard to believe. Thanks, Janette Dean, Belleview, Washington

Jonah, I would like to ask how homeopathy works and how one can utilize it in their healing process. Homeopaths and patients see the results of it but there is not a full understanding of its inner workings. Which bodies does it affect? Does it assist in removing energy blocks in the meridians and in balancing the energy? Thank you for your loving assistance! Aphrodite Tsalgatidou, Greece

Dear Jonah, You spoke of listening to the Earth in a recent Intensive. If I remember correctly, you said that Earth will send geographically specific information to ones who are tuned in, and that we can know it’s Earth’s message by a momentary loss of hearing followed by a high pitched sound. I hear high pitched sounds often, and occasionally experience that interruption of hearing. What are the high pitched sounds that come without the interruption of hearing? Are they information? Are they of benefit or are they, as some say, a form of programming or mind control? Thank you for helping me to understand. Diana Lees, Elgin, Arizona

Dear Jonah, I seem to be confused with what I perceive as conflict between the concept that there are no absolutes and the existence of universal laws. Thank you for helping us. I'm proud of myself for having found you! Cor Savopoulos, Boulder, Colorado

Dear Jonah, How can we transmute the radiation of the TSA full body scanning? Can this be done with the transmuting exercise given in Transmuting the 3rd Dimension? Is there another way for those that did not learn this exercise? How weakened does the immune system need to be for this radiation to be harmful and also there is the situation of repeated exposures to this on a trip. The pat downs seem to be intrusive and demeaning in intent. Would you tell us something about when this would be the preferable choice and how to prepare energetically and in consciousness? Thank you, Tanya Pozzi, Kula, Hawaii

In the February intensive in Denver, Colorado, you spoke often of our human fear of ridicule.

This fear is due to our innate need for human connection--to be liked and accepted. Human adults can go insane if we are deprived of all human connection, and human babies will become brain damaged or die without it. Therefore, our greatest human fear is that of being ostracized and banished. Ridicule threatens to lead to banishment.

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