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Consider the March 7, 2005 Planning Commission minutes. - page 10 / 71





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3.The Land Use Guide of the Comprehensive Plan anticipates low-density residential development for this area.  The plat provides a gross density of 2.4 dwelling units per acre, which is within the low-density range of less than five (5) units per acre; thus, the proposed plat is in general conformance with the Plan.  The final plat is in substantial compliance with the rezoning and preliminary plat approved by the Governing Body on March 26, 2001, and with the revised preliminary plat approved by the Planning Commission on May 17, 2004.

4.All bulk requirements have been satisfied.  Lots range in size from 10,199 square feet to 27,847 square feet exceeding the minimum requirements in an R-1 district.

5.Access to this phase of Brittany Ridge will be from the west by way of Carson Street, constructed during the first phase of Brittany Ridge and to the south with the extension of Woodland Drive from the existing Little Fall Estates subdivision.

6.The street improvements required for this development shall be designed according to the standards in the Shawnee Manual of Technical Specifications and Design Criteria.


The conceptual street layout shown on the approved preliminary plat was satisfactory, as were the proposed centerline grades and vertical curves shown on the preliminary centerline profiles submitted with the preliminary plat.  The streets shown on this final plat are in substantial compliance with the approved preliminary plat although any design issues discovered during the review of the street improvement plans must be resolved prior to the approval of the street improvement plans.


The applicant has submitted the street improvement plans to the City for review and approval.


All internal streets shall comply with the following geometric design standards for a local residential street:

The right-of-way width will be 50 feet.

The radius of the right-of-way at a turnaround will be 50 feet.

The radii of the right-of-way at the intersection with Carson Street will be 25 feet to provide a minimum parkway of 10 feet.

The radii of the right-of-way at all other intersections will be 13.5 feet to provide a parkway of 11.5 feet.

The roadway will be designed for a minimum safe speed of 25 mph.

The centerline grades will be a minimum of 1 percent and a maximum of 12 percent.  The maximum centerline grade for a cul-de-sac will be 10 percent.  The maximum centerline grade at all intersections will be 4 percent.

Vertical curves will be designed for a minimum stopping sight distance of 150 feet (K=16.1, crest; K=23.5, sag).

Horizontal curves will be designed with a minimum radius of 175 feet.

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