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Consider the March 7, 2005 Planning Commission minutes. - page 12 / 71





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approved, 71st Street was a designated major collector although the street is now classified as a minor residential collector.  Carson Street (fka "new" Martindale Avenue) was and still is a designated minor arterial.  The applicant was responsible making temporary improvements to 71st Street, which cost $11,020.00.  In addition, the applicant was, or will be, responsible for improving 1257.44 linear feet of Carson Street.  The credit for these new street improvements is $402,380.80, which is calculated at the rate of $320 per linear foot.  Therefore, the development is eligible for a total credit of $413,400.80.

c.Based upon the available credits, the excise tax is not due for this final plat at this time.  However, this assessment could change if the tax rate is increased before the final plats are recorded.  The actual amount payable is calculated using the tax rate in effect when a final plat is recorded with the County Register of Deeds less any available credits.

d.Provisions of the excise tax shall be satisfied prior to obtaining the Mayor’s signature on the recording copy of the final plat.

9.The storm drainage improvements required for this development shall be designed in accordance with Division 4600, Storm Drainage, of the Shawnee Manual of Technical Specifications and Design Criteria.  The enclosed components of the drainage system must be designed to convey the stormwater runoff from a 10 percent (10-year return period) design storm, or from a 4 percent (25-year return period) design storm when the upstream tributary is larger than 40 acres.  The open components must be designed to convey the runoff from a 4 percent design storm.  The overflow components designed to convey the runoff from a 1 percent (100-year return period) design storm.


The applicant submitted a preliminary storm drainage study with the preliminary plat showing a conceptual drainage system, a drainage area map, and a drainage table summarizing the hydrologic and hydraulic analysis for the development site and all upstream tributaries.  The preliminary study was substantially complete and adequate for reviewing the preliminary plat although the following design issues and any additional issues discovered during the review of preliminary storm drainage plan-profile sheets must be resolved prior to the approval of the storm drainage improvement plans:

The proposed storm sewers need to be sized using the City’s new rainfall intensity factor (f = 1.1).

The applicant needs to submit calculations to support the use of an initial inlet time of concentration of more than five minutes.

Overland flow conveyed to an inlet shall not exceed 8cfs during a 10-year return period storm.  The area draining to Inlet 25 exceeds this limit.

Acreage figures should be shown on the drainage plan for those areas draining directly onto adjoining properties.

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