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Consider the March 7, 2005 Planning Commission minutes. - page 24 / 71





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Primary parking for the office/warehouse building is provided by one (1) parking lot located the east of building 1.  A second conceptual parking lot is shown to the north of the future building 2, so that each building will eventually be served by their own parking lot. The location and size of the conceptual parking lot will be reviewed when the site plan for building 2 is submitted for Planning Commission approval.  


Based on the gross square footage of the building and the division of the space into office and warehouse uses, a total of 24 parking spaces are required for building 1. Twenty-eight spaces (28) spaces have been provided. The site plan does not depict the two (2) required handicapped accessible spaces. Plans submitted for a building shall depict two (2) as handicapped accessible spaces as required. Parking stall and driveway dimensions meet the minimum requirements of the zoning ordinance.  


Submitted elevations indicate that all but the back of the building will be constructed primarily of maroon brick (Sioux City: Cabernet Burgundy), with a wainscot of gray tinted, rough-hewn block (Midwest Block: Dark Gray) along the base. Upper portions of the north, south, east and west elevations will be constructed of beige stucco (Honey #431).  This matches the building elements and design that was previously approved for construction on lot 3 to the south.

The front elevation of the building has been designed with a traditional storefront appearance. The parapet of the structures has been stair-stepped to break up the roofline. The top of each roof section is capped with a decorative cornice that will be a darker brown color (Sandstone).  This darker color is duplicated by two (2) horizontal accent bands located within the fields of stucco found on the front and sides of both structures.

A series of six (6) glass customer entrance doors, including a storefront window system, will be provided on the front facade of the building. Each dividing wall section between the glass doors is further accented with a vertical brick pilaster that is inset with a darker maroon color of brick (Sioux City: Ebonite Satin). The top of each pilaster will be accented by a light sconce that will wash the façade in low level light.

The rear wall of the building is equipped with six (6) overhead loading doors. The rear wall will be constructed mostly of beige stucco upon a 3-foot wainscot of dark gray rough hewn block. This matches the materials utilized on the front and sides of the structure. A note on the elevations indicates the color for the person doors and overhead doors as being beige to match the adjacent wall.  

The roof is designed with a slight slope that runs from the front to the back of the building.  This allows the downspouts to be placed where they will not be visible to the street. The roof will be covered with light gray standing seam metal. All metal doors, gutters and downspouts are noted as being painted to match the building.

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