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Consider the March 7, 2005 Planning Commission minutes. - page 25 / 71





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Frontage and open space trees shown on the landscape plan meet code requirements.  Street trees were previously planted along both Cole Parkway and 83rd Street when the subdivision’s streets were originally constructed. A total of six (6) street trees (Chanticlear Pears) currently exist along Cole Parkway.  Based on the frontage length, seven (7) trees are required.  The landscape plan shows the provision of one (1) additional red Maple tree and two (2) blue Spruce trees along Cole Parkway for a total of nine (9) trees.  Based on the frontage length, a total of seven (7) trees are required along both 83rd Terrace and 83rd Street. Seven (7) street trees (Chanticlear Pears) currently exist along 83rd Street, and the landscape plan depicts three (3) red maples, three (3) blue spruce trees and two (2) crabapple trees along 83rd terrace to satisfy street tree provisions of the ordinance.  

Based upon usable open space, twelve (12) open space trees are required. The plan depicts a row of blue Spruce trees along the north property line to the south of existing street trees, as well as other deciduous trees placed around the site.  The landscape plan indicates a total of eighteen (18) trees (Colorado Blue Spruce, Autumn Blaze Maple, and Spring Snow Crabapple) to be planted around the site. These trees exceed minimum open space tree requirements.

In addition, the applicant has provided islands within the parking lot so that more than six percent has been landscaped.  Each of these islands will be planted with a snow crabapple tree.  Plant sizes meet minimum caliper and height requirements of the landscape ordinance.

The trash enclosure is shown behind the rear wall of the eastern-most “building 1”.  This places the enclosure approximately 240 feet from the right-of-way line for Cole Parkway and 80 feet from 83rd Terrace.  The gates are oriented to the north, away from the street, and toward the rear of the future “building 2”. The location will also allow for shared use with the future “building 2”.  The landscape plan shows three (3) Colorado blue spruce trees in the enclosure’s general vicinity to soften its view from the street. Staff will work the applicant during the building permit process to make sure the evergreen locations effectively screen the enclosure.  

As noted on the plan, all disturbed areas will be sodded in accordance with Shawnee Municipal Code (SMC) 17.57.035.


Two light locations have been shown to light the parking lot. An elevation of the pole indicates the height will be 24 feet including the base and the shoebox is equipped with a flat lens so that the bulb does not extend below the fixture.   


No signage is shown on the building elevations. The applicant has indicated that signage will be limited to vinyl lettering placed inside the glass entry doors. If at a later date it is determined that exterior wall signage will be utilized, the applicant shall be required to submit a unified sign scheme to the Planning

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