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Consider the March 7, 2005 Planning Commission minutes. - page 31 / 71





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addition that was approved by the Planning Commission in December of 2003. The archdiocese has now granted approval to begin construction of the permanent school addition, and the church plans on commencing construction in April of 2005.  The location of the approved school addition is in the same area as the existing temporary unit.  Therefore, the church is proposing to completely remove the originally approved temporary unit and replace it with a new temporary unit that would be placed directly in front of the existing school building, along the northeast side that is visible to Johnson Drive.


The unit would be leased and is designed with two classrooms. The unit would be used for sixth through eighth grades, and no more than 38 students and two teachers would occupy the unit at any given time.  The building will not contain restroom facilities, which are provided in the school.  The proposed modular classroom has the same dimensions (24’ X 60’) as the originally approved temporary structure.


In the past, it has generally been the policy of the Planning Commission to require temporary units to be placed out of the view of nearby public streets.  The existing unit’s location along Monticello Road was originally allowed because placing the temporary unit on the south side of the church created an access problem for the Fire Department.  

The applicant has indicated that the proposed location is necessary because the chosen spot has a level, graded surface that is required for the unit. The applicant has also stated the proximity to the church will allow easy hookup for power and data lines needed to service the classrooms.


Access to the classroom will be from a driveway that connects the existing parking lot to Johnson Drive.  Access between the temporary unit and the main church building will be provided by an existing sidewalk that connects to a doorway located on the east side of the school.  The building will be equipped with a ramp to serve handicapped students.


As stated earlier, the Church is now ready to begin construction of the school addition and has submitted plans for a building permit to the Codes division.  Given the temporary nature of the mobile classroom and past policy of the Planning Commission regarding the use of temporary structures, the temporary structures shall not remain at the site once temporary or final occupancy for the new school addition has been granted.  The church has indicated that the mobile structure would be removed from the site by January 31, 2006.


The freestanding building is proposed to be placed along the Johnson Drive side of the school. This would place it approximately 250 feet from Johnson Drive.  


All walls of the unit will have T-111 siding that will be painted off-white to match the color of the existing church.

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