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Consider the March 7, 2005 Planning Commission minutes. - page 40 / 71





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downtown development plan, is a possible vehicle to encourage denser development.

Assistant Planner Zielsdorf answered that it was obvious that not every parcel was looked at in detail when they went through the plans for the downtown development.  He stated that with this particular site being vacant, and as the report indicated, many of the surrounding lots have legal nonconforming uses on them.  He noted that in looking at it from an individual lot standpoint it would probably be too small for office/service type development, which is what the Land Use Guide is showing.  He stated that currently the lot could be developed with a single family residence.  He indicated that considering that the lot is sandwiched between a commercial parking lot, a four-plex unit and a 48 unit apartment complex, a duplex unit would be fitting for the location as well as make a transition.

Commissioner Bogina said but don’t you think the street itself is the demarcation line for that transition in that you have single family all to the north, a home that Assistant Planner Zielsdorf stated was a four-plex but he thought that it looked like a single family house to the west and then single family housing all the way from that point to Johnson Drive.

Assistant Planner Zielsdorf stated that there were a few duplexes scattered throughout between the proposed site and Johnson Drive, as indicated on the vicinity map by the DU (Duplex Residential) designation.  He stated that with the four-plex on the corner of King and 60th Street it seemed to make more sense to have a duplex unit there rather than a single family dwelling.

Commissioner Bogina stated so that in the four block area there’s three designations for duplexes and then all of the rest of the lots, if they are not commercial to east, they are all single family in the six block area.

Assistant Planner Zielsdorf answered there are single family homes in the area.

Commissioner Bogina asked Assistant Planner Zielsdorf if he thought that we would be creating some slippery slope that we could take all the lots in the downtown area and everyone could come in and request the same thing and lose the character of the single family area because of what they have become.  He stated that he thought that these things have tax incentives to them.

Assistant Planner Zielsdorf stated that he did not think that every location would be appropriate for a duplex unit.  He noted that one of the keys on this particular site that makes it unique was the four-plex that is directly to the west of the site.  He reiterated that fact that the site is sandwiched between a four-plex, a commercial parking lot and a 48 unit apartment complex.

Commissioner Bogina stated but it is zoned single family.  

Assistant Planner Zielsdorf answered yes.

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