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Consider the March 7, 2005 Planning Commission minutes. - page 41 / 71





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Commissioner Bogina stated that the lot that has a four-plex on it, if the four-plex was ever to have something happen to it in some way it would have to be built back with a single family home unless they came in with a plan.  

Assistant Planner Zielsdorf answered yes.

Commissioner Bogina stated that so everybody else knows, we are not approving a plan, so we do not know if the duplex itself conforms in a style to the neighborhood.  He stated that the applicant has said that he would like to do it as shown but someone else might come along a year from now and propose something that is dramatically different than what is being proposed today.

Assistant Planner Zielsdorf stated that DU (Duplex Residential) zoning it is similar in fashion to the R-1 (Single Family Residential) designation where there are no architectural controls tied to it, this is simply an application for a rezoning.

Vice-Chairperson O’Connor stated that the staff report talks about photos that were shown to staff, and understood that they were not tied to the rezoning request, but asked what the photo’s were of.

Gregg Moore answered the duplex that he was considering, it has double drives on both sides for off street parking so there would be plenty of parking.  He stated that he considered it a nice looking building for the area.

Vice-Chairperson O’Connor asked if the photographs were samples of duplexes that the applicant drove around and took pictures of.

Gregg Moore answered yes, basically.


No one spoke from the public.


Commissioner Bogina stated that he would say the same thing again, that he would think that once we take one of these intercity lots like this and because it has single family on two sides of the four sides and it is going to be criteria for other people who are going to come into the downtown area and use this as an example as to why they should be building duplexes downtown.  He stated that he did not have that many problems with duplexes but he did have a problem with not having it being a planned district to where we are not approving something that to where the style does not fit the character of the neighborhood and whether or not this gentleman builds this plan or some other plan that he wants to build, we are not approving that.  He said it is a two-story duplex in a ranch style area of downtown that is completely different.  He stated that we do not have control over that and he did not think that this is a proper zoning or proper use.  He stated that there was no compelling reason that he knew of, that you couldn’t, on a 90 foot lot,

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