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Consider the March 7, 2005 Planning Commission minutes. - page 42 / 71





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build a single family residence.  He stated that this gentleman could find another lot if he wanted to and build two residences, if he wanted to provide housing for people in the downtown area.  He stated that he could see no reason for a density increase on this particular lot.

Gregg Moore stated that he would like to mention, if he could, that the Batson building is on one corner, which is a two story building and the four-plex is a two story building, as well.  He stated that there were only two single family houses on the entire block between King, Barton, 60th Terrace and 59th Terrace, one that was about 105 years old and the other one, which was in pretty bad shape, behind Burdolski’s lot, which they actually split part of the lot.  He noted that makes it a nonconforming lot, in order to build anything, even a single family house back on it.

Commissioner Bogina stated if you drive this area, you will find that these are mostly ranch style homes or they are story and a half and they are built in a 1920’s and 1930’s style.  He stated as we are not approving a plan, and as we bring new housing into the downtown area and have more density, before we consider those things maybe we should look at having them fall into a zoning district to where we have plan approval with it.  He stated so there is some thought as to how they blend together with these older homes versus maybe the starkness of the difference between new duplexes and older single family houses.

Commissioner Bedora stated that he could follow the direction that Mr. Bogina was taking in terms of trying to be consistent in the downtown area.  He stated that he thought that there was a lot of work that has gone into this being a focal point, a lot of time involved in meetings to try and to inspire some additional things in the area.  He stated that he thought that consistency was part of that pattern as well and would agree with his comments that we do need to have something perhaps more definitive with regard to this area rather than just setting something in there that would be, as Mr. Bogina put it, a stark difference in the layout of the land.

Vice-Chairperson O’Connor asked when we set up the downtown area did it address the issue of architectural integrity.

Assistant Planner Zielsdorf answered that he believed that it did, but he did not know and would have to look at the map to see if this area falls within that corridor.

Commissioner Bogina stated that he did not think that this area was studied.  He stated that he did not want to put words into anybody’s mouth but did not think that anyone considered it to be a candidate for an area with a higher density.  He stated that he did not know if the report states that or not but believed that it was not considered because it was not the thought that duplexes would be mixed within this area.  He stated that he was not saying that this was a bad plan or a bad use but he guessed that he would like to encourage the Commission to table this and come up with a zoning category for a duplex. He stated that Assistant Planner Zielsdorf told him earlier today that there is no category right now to have a planned district for an instance such as this because if its size, it is less than four acres so it does not fall in the category of a PUD (Planned

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