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Unit Development).  He stated that with the overlay districts that were done and the different thoughts about downtown he thought that there should be some control over new construction and how it conforms to what’s existing.  He stated that he thought that we could do that if we have a plan that we approve simultaneously with the zoning.

Commissioner Pflumm asked Mr. Bogina if he thought that we have the cart before the horse here.

Commissioner Bogina stated that he thought that if there then became a, and would hope that there would be, that as we encourage more housing downtown that once we start this process of rezoning single family into duplexes in the downtown area and if we get off to a bad start and then try to come back later and do a planned district, he thought that it would be more difficult, if that’s what Mr. Pflumm’s question was.

Commissioner Pflumm answered exactly.  He stated that what he was going off of was past history, going back to when either KU or K-State came into the downtown area and put a presentation on in regard to redevelopment and taking some of these ranch style homes that Mr. Bogina was referring to and turning them into a multi-family type project.  He stated that was probably ten or twelve years ago, trying to bring people back into the downtown community.  He stated that he was trying to juggle what Mr. Bogina was saying versus what the long term effect is in trying to bring population back downtown and at the same time have enough population to support the retail and office space that we are trying to rejuvenate in the downtown community.  He stated that his personal opinion was that if we can bring more people back here through multi-family, and not to say that this might not be exactly what we are looking for, but he would say that we are looking at probably more of an assemblage of property and taking a look at trying to come up with a project.  He stated that this property is to a certain extent vacant and would bring some people to the downtown area.  He stated that he would be more in favor of trying to get something worked out along those lines.

Vice-Chairperson O’Connor asked Mr. Bogina if his concerns were more along the line that it is a duplex rather than a single family home or just that we don’t know what it is going to look like if we approve the zoning.

Commissioner Bogina answered both.  He stated that he thought that there were many lots in the downtown area that are vacant and thought that once you start this, which are all good neighborhoods all around through here, but once you start sticking duplexes in them then are you going to destroy any neighborhood or change the character of any neighborhood if you are going to have, without criticizing anyone’s line of work, more than likely they are rentals and they have different lifestyles.  He stated that if you are going to integrate that type of use into the downtown area and into single family subdivisions, shouldn’t that be thought out longer.  He asked are we by taking this first step, setting up the criteria for anybody else that wants to point at this and think that should be sufficient reason as to why their rezoning should take place because this one was rezoned.

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