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Consider the March 7, 2005 Planning Commission minutes. - page 44 / 71





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Commissioner Bogina stated that if you build denser units in the downtown area they should conform in building style so that you don’t have a contemporary or modern style 2005 home that maybe sets next to a style that was built in 1920 that is a bungalow that is completely different.  He stated that he thought that there should be a blend and that the Planning Commission should have control over that blend if we created a zoning category or take the four acre minimum out of the PUD district.  He stated that he did not know why you would need a four acre minimum to zone a multifamily unit.

Assistant Planner Zielsdorf stated that he did not think that staff would be as of supportive of the rezoning if the proposal was in a different location.  He stated that the idea that the location is surrounded by TSQ (Townsquare) zoning, a four-plex residential unit, and RGA (Residential Garden Apartments) zoning, with a 48 unit apartment complex the thought of a single family dwelling sandwiched between all those uses didn’t seem appropriate and was why staff was supportive of a duplex zoning in this particular location.  He stated that if the proposal had came in at another location the rezoning request may not have had staff support.

Commissioner Bedora asked if staff would agree that the architecture of this unit would be significantly different than that which surrounds it.

Assistant Planner Zielsdorf answered yes, it could be.

Commissioner Bedora reiterated unless we have some site plan capability in this case then we don’t know what it is going to be built and it certainly could be out of position, if you will.

Assistant Planner Zielsdorf stated but to that same statement as the property is zoned R-1 (Single Family Residential), a person could come in and build a single family dwelling that could be completely out of character and there would be no recourse over that as well.

Commissioner Bedora stated that he would agree and thought that was where Mr. Bogina was trying to make some movement in that direction to get a little bit more control in this area.  He stated as he said earlier, there has been a lot of work put into the downtown area in trying to build it appropriately, it has taken a lot of time and this has to be a part of that step as well.

Gregg Moore stated that some of the requirements of the DU (Duplex) zoning are 12,000 square feet with 90 feet of frontage and as you can see on the map, unless it is one of the larger lots in the area, there are hardly any lots that could meet the requirements for the DU (Duplex) zoning.  He stated that all the lots to the west of King are all too small for a duplex, they do not have the square footage or the frontage, so its not as though they could just plop them anywhere in that area.  He stated that the downtown redevelopment does not enter into that area, it is stops a block and one half from there.

Vice-Chairperson O’Connor asked if it was Mr. Moore’s intent to retain ownership of the duplex.

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