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Consider the March 7, 2005 Planning Commission minutes. - page 45 / 71





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Gregg Moore stated that the both units would be for sale.  He stated that they were anticipating a little better control, which was why they were leaning toward a nicer duplex.  He stated that a nicer duplex would be more marketable for younger families that are moving into the area with the schools and growth in the area.

Vice-Chairperson O’Connor stated that he would assume that since this is a public hearing that notification was given to the surrounding land owners.

Assistant Planner Zielsdorf answered that was correct.

Vice-Chairperson O’Connor stated that there were not any surrounding landowners present to speak in opposition, which is a significant factor.

Assistant Planner Zielsdorf stated that staff had not received any phone calls about the project.

Commissioner Beckenbaugh stated that this is a tough one.  He stated that he shares Commissioner Bogina’s vision for having a grander plan for this area and the notion of approving a single lot for a duplex, it’s a tough thing to do, and on the other hand he supports Commissioner Pflumm’s thoughts that we need to do all we can do to encourage development in the downtown area and bring more people to the area.  He stated that a message to staff is that we really do need to look at changing our procedures in the downtown area so that there is more control in looking at the district in larger sense and having more architectural control.  He noted that the control does not mean that everything has to look the same but there is a certain compatibility and scale to the neighborhood that is important for the long term growth and viability of the district.

Commissioner Jenkins stated that in reading and hearing the staff report we talk about the 25-year drainage issue and the problem of building within 60 feet of that.  He stated that just might create some complications as far as creating drainage control structures.

Assistant Planner Zielsdorf stated what that was referring to, and the applicant was made aware early on in the proceedings, this site has a small drainage channel that runs along the east side of the property.  He explained that storm water is piped up to a point and released into a ditch that flows into a stormwater inlet that is then piped across the street.

Commissioner Jenkins stated that the staff report talks about setback requirements.

Assistant Planner Zielsdorf stated that if that channel is left open there is a 60 foot set back requirement.

Commissioner Jenkins stated that there would be a significant amount of development occurring out there to control that issue and enclose the channel.  He stated that the reason he was bringing that up was not because it was such a hard thing to do but it could be an expensive thing to do.  He stated that could drive the price of the lot up considerably doing that sort of preparation to the site and wondered what that would do

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