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Consider the March 7, 2005 Planning Commission minutes. - page 47 / 71





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1.The property, which is located on the west side of Woodland Road approximately ½ mile south of Johnson Drive, is zoned PMR.  The applicant requests rezoning from PMR to PMR and approval of a revised preliminary development plan of a 68-lot single-family and duplex residential subdivision.  The property contains 21.3827 acres.  The purpose of this rezoning is to change the 68 lots approved for duplexes to 65 single family lots and 3 duplex lots.  The site layout, street network, and lots sizes all remain the same.  As a result, 71 residential units will be constructed in this portion of the development, rather than 136 units.

2.Surrounding land uses include Lakepointe Sixth plat to the north.  This area is zoned PSF and contains single family homes of the Lakepointe subdivision.  Property to the east is zoned PMR and contains the duplex units of Lakepointe Seventh Plat. (This is the first phase of the “coach homes” portion of Lakepointe that was approved as part of the original PMR rezoning in March of 2001.)  Also to the east, north of Lakepointe, Seventh Plat is a large unplatted tract zoned RE (Residential Estates).  This tract contains a single family residence.  To the south, is Lakepointe Eight Plat, which is zoned PMR and contains newly constructed single family homes.  This plat was also part of the original PMR rezoning of March 2001.  South of this is the Hills of Forest Creek subdivision, which is zoned PSF.  Property to the west is zoned PSF and has been approved for future phases of the Hills of Forest Creek subdivision.

3.The accompanying preliminary development plan for the site indicates the development of 6 duplex units on 3 lots and 65 single-family lots all on 21.38 acres, yielding a gross density of 3.3 dwelling units per acre.  The original plan was approved for 152 duplex units on 76 lots and 20 single-family lots on 33.72 acres yielding a gross density of 5.1 units per acre.  From that plan, thirty two duplex units on 16 lots and 17 single family lots have been developed on 12.33 acres.  The applicant is now asking that the remaining 21.38 acres be revised to contain 65 single family lots and 3 duplexes.  The Land Use Guide of the Comprehensive Plan designates the area as appropriate for low-density residential uses, thus the development is in compliance with the Comprehensive Plan.  The street and lot layout in this preliminary development plan is in substantial compliance with the preliminary development plan approved by the City Council in March of 2001.  The revision provides a lesser density than had been expected.

4.Access to this site will be from 62nd Street off of Woodland Road on the east side, and also from Longview Road off of Clear Creek Drive on the north side of this site.  Additional access from the west is provided with the connection of 62nd Street from the Hills of Forest Creek subdivision.  Access for this subdivision is adequate for public safety services.

5.The developers have retained professional staff to prepare the plan, and are continuing to develop earlier phases of the Lakepointe subdivision.  City staff has no reason to believe that this project will be any less successful than the earlier phases of the Lakepointe development.  This plan should be a continuation of the

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