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Consider the March 7, 2005 Planning Commission minutes. - page 61 / 71





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The conceptual design of the driveway approach shown on the site plan appears to be in substantial compliance with City standards.  The following design issues and any additional issues discovered during the review of the site development plans must be resolved prior to the issuance of a building permit.

The applicant needs to verify that the throat width does not exceed 31 feet.

The easterly curb return must not extend beyond the side lot line.

The driveway approach will be constructed as part of the required street improvements.


Commercial driveway approaches will be designed according to Standard Detail 21-10, and the following:

An undivided approach will be a minimum of 25 feet wide and a maximum of 31 feet wide, measured from back-of-curb to back-of-curb.  The total width of all approaches will not exceed 20 percent of the street frontage.

Curb returns will have a minimum radius of 15 feet and a maximum radius of 25 feet.

No portion of an approach will extend across the prolongation of a side lot line.

Stormwater collected on a public street is not allowed to drain onto adjoining properties.  An approach will have a slope of ¼-inch to ½-inch per foot toward the street.  Beyond the right-of-way, the centerline gradient of the driveway should not exceed a slope of plus 12 percent or minus 8 percent.

An approach will be paved with a minimum thickness of 6 inches of concrete or 8 inches of asphalt.

Depressions for sidewalk ramps will be installed only at those locations where a sidewalk will be placed.  All sidewalk ramps shall comply with all applicable ADA standards.


The site development plans submitted for a building permit must include a detail of each type of driveway approach, as well as, details of each type of curb to be used.  The plans must also specify whether the approach will be paved using asphalt or concrete.

4.The rectangular building has been oriented on the site so that the longest profile faces 83rd Street. Primary parking for the building is provided by two separate parking lots located the north and south sides of the building.

The site plan shows the provision of 95 parking spaces, including two (2) handicap-accessible spaces. The provision of additional parking stalls will allow the church an opportunity to grow in the future. The church is expected to have a capacity of 200 persons. Based on the ordinance requirement of one (1) space for every three (3) seats, a total of 67 parking spaces are required. ADA standards require that four (4) spaces be marked as handicapped accessible. Prior to submittal for a building permit, the applicant shall submit a revised site plan that

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