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Consider the March 7, 2005 Planning Commission minutes. - page 62 / 71





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depicts two (2) additional handicap stalls in the parking lot. The parking stall and driveway dimensions meet the minimum requirements of the zoning ordinance, and the traffic flow patterns afforded by the parking lot will allow easy drop-off and pick-up for the preschool.

5.Submitted elevations indicate that all four sides of the building will be constructed primarily of maroon brick (Sioux City: Ebonite Satin) and beige stucco (#332 Peaches-N-Cream). Gray tinted, rough-hewn block (Midwest Block: Dark Gray) is shown as a third material to be used at the base of columns to be constructed at various locations on the building.  These materials and colors match those approved for other buildings to be constructed on 83rd Terrace.

The building is single-story in design with a pitched roof that includes a combination of hipped and gable ends. The north and south elevations are mirror images of one another that are accented by a prominent building element that raises approximately eight feet above other roof sections found on the building. This central element is accented by three gabled canopies that are comprised of beige stucco on a rough-hewn gray block base. The center gable on the north elevation will be adorned with stained glass.  Five square over-story windows have been added above gabled canopies to allow ample daylight into the structure.  The top of the central building element is accented by a steeple that will be constructed of blue-gray glass.  Walls sections located to the east and west of the main entry include large, rectangular sections of glass positioned at regular intervals. The windows will include red mullions and will be accented by a red canopy.  

The east and west elevations are similar in design to one another, with the east elevation including a glass entry door that leads to a glass and stucco atrium.  The front of the east elevation will include a large cross sculpture for religious ornamentation.  The same rectangular window theme, to include red window mullions, is duplicated on both the east and west elevations.   

The roof of the structure will be covered with gray (Elk Prestique “Hickory”) 40-year asphalt shingles.  The structure will utilize interior roof drains so that no downspouts will be visible on the building.  In staff’s opinion, the architect has designed a building that has the ecclesiastic characteristics of a church, while at the same time blends with the materials and colors that have been approved for other office/warehouse buildings that will be constructed in the general vicinity.

6.Frontage and open space trees shown on the landscape plan meet code requirements.  Street trees were previously planted along 83rd Street when the subdivision was originally platted. A total of six street trees (Chanticlear Pears) currently exist along 83rd Street.  Based on the frontage length, seven trees are required.  The landscape plan shows the provision of two additional flowering Crabapple trees along 83rd Street for a total of eight trees.  Based on the frontage length, a total of two trees are required along 83rd Terrace. The landscape plan depicts two maple trees along this street to satisfy street tree

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