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DoDI 1400.25-V1614, December 1996

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    • a.

      Prior to conducting a formal investigation, OCI investigators shall pursue settlement

through ADR procedures with the concurrence of the parties.

b. To the extent feasible, OCI will schedule cases by date received, on a first-in, first-out basis. OCI will expedite cases that have been returned for additional investigation. OCI will consolidate for investigation cases filed by the same complainant or by different complainants at the same activity with the same accepted issues. When OCI consolidates cases for investigation, it will notify the requesting activity in writing of the consolidation.

c. Investigations should be completed and reports issued within 120 days of case receipt by the servicing OCI regional office. When complaints are amended or additional complaints are consolidated with a complaint under investigation, investigations will be completed and reports issued within 120 days of the last amendment or consolidation.

d. The ROI shall document the information collected during the investigation. It shall consist of an indexed investigative file of documents relative to the matter(s) at issue and a narrative report. The DoD Components may request that the narrative report be in one of these formats:

(1) A summary of the background of the matter(s) at issue, the evidence collected, and the testimony taken.

(2) A summary of the background of the matter(s) at issue, the evidence collected, and the testimony taken, with an analysis as to the implications of the evidence.

  • e.

    On receipt of the ROI, activity EEO complaint program staff shall:

    • (1)

      Ensure the complainant’s copy of the investigative file is sanitized pursuant to the

References (i) and (j) prior to release to the complainant.

(2) Forward a copy of the ROI to the complainant, the complainant’s representative, and any other office as required for further processing.

f. The Heads of DoD Components, or their designees, will return the ROI to the appropriate OCI regional office with a request for additional investigation if it is determined that the report did not adequately address the accepted claims.

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      The DoD Components shall encourage and support the use of ADR throughout the

various stages of an EEO complaint, up to the final agency decision, consistent with the requirements of References (d) and (b)) ADR saves time, money, and resources; mends, maintains, and improves relationships by focusing on mutual interests and concerns; opens



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