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DoDI 1400.25-V1614, December 1996

or former employees of, or applicants for employment with, the Army and Air Force Exchange Service; or local nationals employed by the Department of Defense outside of the United States.

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    DEFINITIONS. See Glossary.

  • 4.

    POLICY. It is DoD policy in accordance with Reference (b) that:

    • a.

      Investigations of formal EEO complaints shall be processed promptly and impartially.

    • b.

      The Civilian Personnel Management Service (CPMS), a component of the DoD Human

Resources Activity (Reference (c)), shall investigate discrimination complaints filed pursuant to Reference (d) as authorized by Reference (e) for the civilian employees of the organizations to which this Volume is applicable.

c. EEO complaints shall be resolved fairly and expeditiously, at the lowest level, and by the least formal method possible. Early resolution improves management-employee relations, reduces administrative costs significantly, and precludes the need for protracted litigation. Therefore, opportunities to resolve complaints during the investigative process shall be pursued.

d. With the consent of both parties to a given EEO complaint, CPMS shall pursue settlement and attempt resolution.

e. CPMS investigators shall select the method of investigation to be used, giving full consideration to the nature of the complaint and resource constraints within the activity. CPMS investigators shall defer to the activity’s wishes and resource considerations as to funding transcriptions of verbatim testimony or fact-finding conferences. Methods of investigation include the collection of testimony through written interrogatories; interviews conducted on site, by telephone, or through video-teleconference (VTC) facilities; fact-finding conferences conducted on site or through VTC facilities; or any combination of these methods.

f. CPMS shall determine the relevance of documents and decide which documents will be included in the investigative file.

  • 5.

    RESPONSIBILITIES. See Enclosure 2.

  • 6.

    PROCEDURES. See Enclosure 3.

  • 7.

    RELEASABILITY. UNLIMITED. This Volume is approved for public release and is

available on the Internet from the DoD Issuances Web Site at http://www.dtic.mil/whs/directives.


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