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DoDI 1400.25-V1614, December 1996

(e) Disclosing information and documentation to witnesses where necessary to facilitate the investigation.

(f) Promptly advising the appropriate CPMS Office of Complaint Investigations (OCI) regional office at Appendix 1 to this enclosure when 180 days have expired and a complainant requests a hearing before an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission administrative judge on a complaint that is currently under investigation.

(g) Notifying the appropriate OCI regional office when additional complaints are consolidated with complaints currently under investigation and promptly providing the files for those complaints.

(h) Forwarding to the appropriate OCI regional office copies of amendments to complaints currently under investigation.

(i) Advising the appropriate OCI regional office when a formal complaint currently under investigation has been settled, withdrawn, or dismissed because the complainant has filed a civil action.

c. Activity legal counsels and/or their designees shall assist the EEO investigative process


(1) Representing the activity at investigative meetings, including fact-finding conferences, if necessary.

(2) Drafting and reviewing proposed settlement agreements for legal sufficiency, as necessary.

2. REQUESTING INVESTIGATIONS. When preparing requests for investigation of formal EEO complaints, the activity EEO complaint program staff shall:

a. Ensure that all persons making claims accepted for investigation have been counseled with regard to their claim in accordance with Reference (d); that their claims are timely; that continuing violation allegations are identified; and that accepted claims identify, at a minimum, the alleged bases of discrimination, the specific management actions in dispute, and the date(s) of those actions.

b. Ensure that all claims stated in the formal complaint have been either accepted or dismissed.

c. Ensure that documentation is included showing that the complainant has been advised of the accepted and dismissed claims.

d. Ensure that claims that should not be considered in the EEO complaint process, as specified in Reference (d), have been dismissed in writing.



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