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Etching Over a Large Table Size

Flying-optic beam delivery system provides a larger work area than traditional metal marking systems.

One of the most innovative design features of the FiberMark system is the flying-optic beam delivery system. By directing the laser beam through a series of mirrors, the laser system has been designed to engrave a large work area of 24” x 12” (609 x 305 mm). The flying optic design is a state-of-the-art X/Y mechanical design borne from Epilog’s years of manufacturing experience in CO2 laser marking and cutting systems.

Benefits of the Flying-Optics Design over Galvo Systems:

Allows for high-speed parts marking with a larger work area.

Accommodates large pieces or common label sheet stock.

Palletization or sheet-stock marking is done while operator performs other tasks.

Parts indexing is simple and predictable, based on X/Y zero positioning.

Consistent spot size and power density is achieved over the entire work area.

The Highest Precision Laser Motion Control

Highest-quality lasering with Accupoint Motion Control Technology.

Firing the laser in the right place at the right time is the concept behind Epilog’s Accupoint Motion Control Technology. While it’s easy to see the extraordinary detail in our marking at any resolution, the engineering behind our equipment is what makes the accuracy possible. At 1200 dpi, the entire motion control system is moving in increments as small as .0008 inches (.02) mm), which is the result of a special combination of high-quality components available only in an Epilog Laser system.

In moving the laser beam from point to point, a motion control system utilizes three basic components:

  • 1)

    A linear encoder timing system to make sure the system is always where it needs to be.

  • 2)

    Servo motors to move the system in both the X and Y axes.

  • 3)

    A bearing and belt system to move the head consistently and smoothly across the marking area.

Servo Motors

Closed-loop servo motors provide the fastest acceleration and deceleration.

Closed-loop DC servo motors are an industry standard for high-performance industrial systems. Incorporated into the X and Y axes of the FiberMark Laser, these motors are known for their incredibly fast acceleration and deceleration time, as well as the ability to operate without the cogging seen in other, less accurate motors. The ability of the motor to move smoothly at high speeds is a key component in producing the high-quality images that can be created with an Epilog system.

Accupoint™ Linear Encoder Assembly

Accupoint™ Linear Encoder Strips

Linear Encoders

Provides critical timing information to the laser system.

Long used in industrial manufacturing as one of the most precise methods of determining position, linear encoders also provide critical timing information that synchronizes the motion control system to the firing of the laser. Mounted directly to the moving carriage, Epilog’s linear encoders provide crisp, clean images, even at the highest speeds.

Signal Transmitter

Signal Receiver


Parts Marking without Affecting the Part Integrity

Non-contact laser marking provides high-contrast marks without touching the surface being marked.

One of the greatest benefits of utilizing the FiberMark system is its non-contact marking capabilities. This means that no mechanical part of the equipment actually touches the tool or part being marked: only the laser beam is in contact with the part.

The non-contact marking method produces many benefits:

The integrity of the part being marked is never compromised.

There are no bits or tools that will wear down and need replacing.

You can simply place the part in the engraving cabinet - there’s no need to manually hold parts or pieces being marked.

It’s environmentally responsible - there are no marking materials like ink and acid etching chemicals to worry about or dispose of.

Is exceptionally easy to use by practically anyone in your organization.

Networking Your FiberMark Laser

Connect your FiberMark across your network so anyone can send a job to the laser.



Epilog’s Quick Connect™ system gives you the most connection options of any laser system. Choose either a high-speed 10 Base-T Ethernet connection or connect the laser to your computer using a USB cable. In addition to higher transfer speeds, the Ethernet connection provides the most reliable data transfer over long distances. Network your laser to all of the computers in your building, or more than one laser to each computer, providing you with the maximum efficiency for your laser system. You can even connect wirelessly through a router. We’ve designed the laser to work like a paper printer, so it is safe enough to use in an office environment.


High-Volume, Multi-Piece Parts Marking

Easy-Access Drop-Down Front Door allows easy front access to the engraving table.

Parts placement in the FiberMark can be easily accomplished by placing the part or tray of parts through the top window door, or through the hinged front-access door of the laser system. Both of these safety-interlocked doors provide fast and efficient parts placement and removal.


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