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View the Marking Table as the Laser Etches Your Material

LED lighting inside the laser designed for easy viewing of the parts etching.

For easy viewing of the marking area, use the inline LED lighting to illuminate the entire work table. The lights can be easily turned on using the On/Off switch located on the top of the FiberMark lid.

Easy Maintenance of the Laser System

A laser system designed for easy, hassle-free maintenance.

The FiberMark laser has been designed for quick, easy maintenance and upkeep. By using industrial parts throughout the system, the lasers have very little ongoing maintenance other than keeping the machine free from debris and wiping off the lenses.

To help reduce or eliminate the potential for marking debris and contaminants from coming in contact with the X-Axis bearing system, the FiberMark has been designed with a Curtain Air Assist. Using the included air compressor with in-line desiccant (air drying agent), the air curtain blows a stream of air through perforations in a metal tube located within the X-beam. A mechanical barrier has also been integrated to the bottom side of the X-beam. With this included air cleaning system, the FiberMark is incredibly easy to keep free of debris.

Beam Optics

Quick Engraving Setup with No Special Programming

Open Architecture design allows you to print to the laser from software you are already using.

The FiberMark laser system is the most versatile and user friendly metal marking system due to its open architecture software compatibility. Connect the laser system to a PC through an Ethernet or USB port just like a paper printer.

You can operate the laser from almost any Windows-based software, including AutoCAD, Bartender, CorelDRAW, Word, Excel and many more programs. It can even be run from many proprietary software packages your company may already be using.

After you have set up your file, select the laser as your printer. Epilog’s software engineering team has designed a feature-filled, custom print driver specifically for laser processing. By using an intuitive design and easy-to-use interface, you can quickly and easily set your laser settings - Job Type, Resolution, Speed, Power, Laser Frequency, Z-focus, and more. To use the same settings on multiple jobs, save the file in the Configuration menu to retrieve them at the touch of a button.

For projects requiring more control over settings, the Advanced Tab gives you the option to use Color Mapping to set independent frequency and focus settings based on line color, as well as a convenient way to perform multiple marking tasks in a single job setup.

The open architecture software flexibility is a tremendous advantage that eliminates the need to have specially trained operators dedicated to a single proprietary software platform.


Quick Job Positioning

Moveable Home Position and Center/Center Engraving allows you to quickly set a new home position.

If you’re marking an irregularly shaped part, Epilog’s Moveable Home Position feature makes positioning your bar codes a snap! At the push of a button, you can disable the X and Y motors and set a new home position by moving the carriage by hand. Use the red dot pointer to determine the new home position, press “Set Home” on the keypad and you’re done. Lasering an irregularly shaped part has never been easier.

Higher Consistency in Etching by Holding Your Materials Flat on the Engraving Table

Vacuum Hold-Down Table harnesses the exhaust airflow to hold sheet- stock flat.

The vacuum hold-down table in the FiberMark system uses the airflow from the exhaust fan to hold thin sheet material flat to the surface of the work table. This built-in method of securely holding thin sheet stock in place is a revolutionary feature that is a huge time saver when marking plastic and metal sheet stock.


Create Multiple Marks with One Laser

By adjusting the laser settings, you can easily create different types of marks with the same system.

Are you looking for a mirrored look to your etching? Or polished? Or annealed? With the FiberMark you can create each of these marks by simply adjusting the speed, power, focus or frequency settings in the Laser Dashboard print driver.

We’ve developed settings that provide a wide variety of marks on different metals and plastics based on the look you need.

Test Your Materials in our Applications Lab

Send your materials to our FiberMark specialists to help decide if the FiberMark fits your application’s needs.

Do you have a material you would like to test with our lasers? Our Applications Lab is available to help determine if an Epilog Laser is the right tool for your new or existing application. Our team of specialists will provide:

Applications Analysis - Is a CO2 or Ytterbium fiber laser system the right tool for your application? What are the system requirements? How can an Epilog laser meet or exceed your expectations?

Product and Material Testing - Our Applications Lab will process and return your materials within a few days of receiving them.

Applications Report - Upon returning your processed samples, we also will provide a detailed report that is tailored to your specific questions and application. Additionally, we’ll make a recommendation on which system is right for you.

Call them today at +1 303-277-1188 or email applications@epiloglaser.com to set up your material test.


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