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Baja California, Mexicali, B.C. Mexico, 3Universidad Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico, D.F.


Relationships between feed efficiency, carcass and ultrasound traits in Angus beef cattle divergently selected for serum IGF–I concentration. F. R. B. Ribeiro*1, G. E. Carstens1, P. A. Lancaster1, L. O. Tedeschi1, and M. E. Davis2, 1Texas A&M University, College Station, 2The Ohio State University, Columbus.


Feed efficiency of beef cows and its progeny during the preweaning interval1. T. Z. Albertini2, S. R. de Medeiros3, R. A. de A. Torres, Jr.3, A. R. D. L. Sousa3, F. A. Biberg3, and D. P. D. Lanna*2, 1Fapesp, Embrapa, 2ESALQ-USP, Piracicaba, SP, Brazil, 3Embrapa Beef Cattle, Campo Grande, MS, Brazil.


Body composition and net protein and energy requirements of steers from four zebu and zebu × B. taurus crossbreds1. R. Silva Goulart2, E. Benno Pott3, M. Mello de Alencar3, G. Maria da Cruz3, R. Tullio3, and D. Pazzanese Duarte Lanna*2, 1FAPESP, USP, Embrapa, 2ESALQ/USP, Piracicaba, SP, Brazil, 3Embrapa, Sao Carlos, SP, Brazil.


Relationship between residual feed intake, water intake and ultrasound body composition traits in Angus bulls. G. R. Hansen*1, G. E. Carstens2, and D. G. Riley3, 1University of Florida NFREC, Marianna, 2Texas A & M University, College Station, 3USDA-ARS STARS, Brooksville, Fl.


Effect of yeast culture on 28-day performance of newly weaned, low-stress beef calves. C. R. Belknap*1, R. R. Scott2, and J. C. Forcherio2, 1Diamond V Mills, Cedar Rapids, IA, 2LongView Animal Nutrition Center, Gray Summit, MO.


Effects of an intratracheal challenge with Mannheimia haemolytica on intake and N balance in fed or fasted steers. L. O. Burciaga- Robles*1, C. R. Krehbiel1, D. L. Step2, B. P. Holland1, M. Montelongo2, A. W. Confer2, J. N. Gilliam2, and C. L. Goad3, 1Department of Animal Science, 2Center for Veterinary Health Sciences, 3Department of Statistics. Oklahoma State University, Stillwater.


Feedlot performance and rumen parakeratosis incidence in Bos indicus type bullocks fed high-grain diets and monensin or polyclonal antibody preparations against rumen bacteria. D. D. Millen*, R. D. L. Pacheco, M. D. B. Arrigoni, M. Parrili, S. A. Matsuhara, M. V. Fossa, L. M. N. Sarti, C. L. Martins, J. P. S. T. Bastos, and T. M. Mariani, FMVZ/UNESP–Botucatu, São Paulo, Brazil.


Effects of a saccharin-containing additive (SUCRAM) on total tract digestibility, plasma metabolites, and urine organic acid excretion by steer calves. C. H. Ponce* , M. S. Brown1, J. C. Silva1, P. Schlegel2, and W. Rounds3, 1West Texas A&M University, Canyon, 2Pancosma, SA, Geneva, Switzerland, Prince Agri Products, Quincy, IL.

1 3


Evaluation of feeding behavior of young cattle from different genetic groups fed with high concentrate diets with different NDF levels. L. M. N. Sarti, R. D. L. Pacheco*, D. D. Millen, M. D. B. Arrigoni, M. V. Fossa, S. A. Matsuhara, M. Parrili, C. L. Martins, H. N. Oliveira, T. M. Mariani, J. P. S. T. Bastos, and L. F. S. Niero, FMVZ/UNESP–Botucatu, São Paulo, Brazil.


Beet pulp as a non-roughage fiber source in a total concentrate diet fed growing heifers. A. D. Faleiro, A. Ferret*, X. Manteca, J. L. R. de la Torre, and S. Calsamiglia, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Bellaterra, Spain.


Post weaning performance of Holstein dairy heifers fed diets differing in forage quality and supplemented with a low moisture block. H. Chester-Jones*1, D. Ziegler1, R. Larson2, B. Ziegler2, J. Linn3, M. Raeth-Knight3, and G. Golombeski3, 1University of Minnesota Southern Research and Outreach Center, Waseca,, 2Hubbard Feeds, Mankato, MN, 3University of Minnesota Southern Research and Outreach Center, St. Paul.


Performance of Holstein dairy heifers fed whole-shelled corn and protein pellet diets differing in protein levels. D. Ziegler*1, M. Raeth- Knight2, J. Linn2, G. Golombeski2, R. Larson3, B. Ziegler3, and H. Chester-Jones1, 1University of Minnesota Southern Research and Outreach Center, Waseca, 2University of Minnesota, St. Paul, 3Hubbard Feeds, Mankato, MN.


Effects of amount and composition of concentrate on silage and total DM intake of dairy cows. P. Huhtanen*1, M. Rinne2, and J. Nousiainen3, 1Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 2MTT-Agrifood Research, Finland, 3Valio Ltd, Finland.


The use of the Rumensin Premix in dairy cows: factors influencing its effects on milk production and milk composition. J. Dubuc*1, D. DuTremblay1, M. Brodeur1, R. Bagg2, P. Dick2, J. Baril2, and L. DesCoteaux1, 1Universite de Montreal, Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada, 2Elanco Animal Health, Guelph, Ontario, Canada.


Effects of feeding monensin and brown midrib corn silage on milk production and rumen fermentation. C. R. Mullins*, A. M. Gehman, P. J. Kononoff, and B. N. Janicek, University of Nebraska, Lincoln.


Effects of mixing red clover silage with grass silage on the fatty acid and sensory properties of milk from dairy cows. J. M. Moorby*1, D. R. Davies1, W. J. Fisher1, N. M. Ellis1, N. D. Scollan1, and G. R. Nute2, 1Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research, Aberystwyth, UK, 2University of Bristol, UK.


Effects of mixing red clover silage with grass silage on feed intake and milk output from dairy cows. J. M. Moorby*, D. R. Davies, W. J. Fisher, N. M. Ellis, and N. D. Scollan, Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research, Aberystwyth, UK.


Intake, digestibility and milk production and composition of dairy cows fed sugar–cane based diets corrected with soybean meal or different levels of urea. A. H. do Nascimento Rangel*1, J. M. de Souza Campos , S. de Campos Valadares Filho2, A. Barbosa2, and P. V. R. Paulino2, 1Universidade Federal Rural do Semi–Árido, Mossoró, RN, Brazil, Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Viçosa, MG, Brazil.

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