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Effects of maternal nutrition and selenium supply on postnatal organ mass: Evidence for developmental programming in lambs. J. S. Caton*1, J. J. Reed1, T. L. Neville1, K. A. Vonnahme1, P. P. Borowicz1, J. B. Taylor2, D. A. Redmer1, J. S. Luther1, C. J. Hammer1, K. R. Carlin1, and L. P. Reynolds1, 1Center for Nutrition and Pregnancy, Animal and Range Sciences Dept., North Dakota State University, Fargo, 2USDA-ARS, U. S. Sheep Experiment Station, Dubois, ID.

10:45 AM


Effects of maternal nutrition and selenium supply on ewe and lamb performance. T. L. Neville*1, J. J. Reed1, K. A. Vonnahme , P. P. Borowicz1, J. B. Taylor2, D. A. Redmer1, J. S. Luther1, C. J. Hammer1, G. P. Lardy1, L. P. Reynolds1, and J. S. Caton , Center for Nutrition and Pregnancy, Animal and Range Sciences Dept., North Dakota State University, Fargo, 2USDA-ARS, U. S. Sheep Experiment Station, Dubois, ID.

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11:00 AM


First-lactation milk production for cows fed control or intensified milk replacer programs as calves. J. K. Drackley*, B. C. Pollard, H. M. Dann, and J. A. Stamey, University of Illinois, Urbana.

11:15 AM


Effect of mineral supplementation with MIN-AD during the transition period on cow health and production performance. J. E. Nocek*1, R. G. Hinders2, C. J. Sniffen3, G. A. Nunnery4, and M. B. Crombie4, 1Spruce Haven Farm and Research Ctr, Auburn, NY, 2Hinders Nutritional Consulting, Acampo, CA, 3Fencrest, Holderness, NH, 4MIN-AD, Inc., Amarillo, TX.

11:30 AM


Effects of twin pregnancy and dry period feeding strategy on milk production, energy balance and metabolic profiles in Holstein cows. N. Silva del Río*, R. R. Grummer, and P. M. Fricke, Department of Dairy Science, University of Wisconsin, Madison.

11:45 AM


Effect of botanical extracts (Queen of Calves) on the growth, development and weaning age of calves. J. K. Margersion* and R. W. Reynolds, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand.

12:00 PM


Impacts on growth of beef cattle due to long-term copper deficiency are further exacerbated in the presence of high dietary manganese. S. L. Hansen*, L. R. Legleiter, R. S. Fry, K. E. Lloyd, and J. W. Spears, North Carolina State University, Raleigh.

12:15 PM


Effects of high b-vitamin supplementation on measures of health and performance of veal calves. D. Wood*1, J. Sowinski1, and N. Keith2, 1Animix, Juneau, WI, 2Keith Associates, Springfield, MO.

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10:30 AM


Protein requirements of Nellore bulls, steers and heifers in Brazil. P. V. R. Paulino*1, S. de C. Valadares Filho1, M. A. Fonseca1, K. A. Magalhães1, M. I. Marcondes1, M A. de Souza1, E. Detmann1, R. F. D. Valadares1, and R. D. Sainz2, Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Viçosa, MG, Brazil, 2University of California, Davis.


10:45 AM


Digestibility of cottonseed with Tifton 85 hay fed free-choice to beef steers. G. M. Hill*1, M. H. Poore2, and B. G. Mullinix, Jr.1, 1University of Georgia, Tifton, 2North Carolina State University, Raleigh.

11:00 AM


Performance of beef heifers and digestibility of steers fed whole cotton seed, corn gluten feed and pigeon peas. V. A. Corriher*, G. M. Hill, S.C. Phatak, and B.G. Mullinix, Jr., University of Georgia, Tifton.

11:15 AM


The rumen passage rate of forage NDF is highly associated only to the level of intake of dietary NDF. A. Cannas*1, F. Boe1, V. Giovanetti2, E. Zerbini3, and G. Molle2, 1Dipartimento di Scienze Zootecniche, University of Sassari, Sassari, Sardinia, Italy, 2Istituto Zootecnico e Caseario della Sardegna, Olmedo, Sardinia, Italy, 3Cargill Animal Nutrition, Spessa, Italy.

11:30 AM


Meta analysis of rumen fill of cattle in relation to NDF intake and digestibility. D. J. Sauvant*1 and D. R. Mertens2, AgroParisTech, Paris, France, 2US Dairy Forage Research Center, Madison, WI.


11:45 AM


Predicting ruminal passage rates of fiber fractions and starch in dairy cattle. J. A. Voelker Linton* and M. S. Allen, Michigan State University, East Lansing.

12:00 PM


Evaluation of counts of ruminal fibrolytic bacteria and enzyme activities in response to corn silage particle size in high- yielding dairy cows. Q. Zebeli*1, V. Ölschläger , M. Tafaj1, W. Vahjen2, B. Junck1, O. Simon2, and W. Drochner1, University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany, Free University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany.

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12:15 PM


Nutrient digestibility and utilization in non-lactating fistulated cows fed diets containing ratios of untreated corn silage and Silo-King®treated alfalfa haylage. G. A. Ayangbile*, D. Spangler, D. Jones, and K. Thompson, Agri-King, Inc., Fulton, IL.

Ruminant Nutrition Protein and Fiber Digestion Chair: Oscar Ruiz-Barrera, Independent University of Chihuahua, Mexico 217 A

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