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Effect of organic acids and antibiotic growth promoters on growth performance, gastrointestinal pH, intestinal microbial populations and immune responses of weaned pigs. Z. Li1, D. Li1, G. Yi*2, J. Yin1, and P. Sun1, 1China Agricultural University, Beijing, P.R. China, 2DaChan NorthEast Asia Corp, Beijing, P. R. China.

2:15 PM


Dietary supplementation with glycyrrhetinic acid (GA) increases endogenous arginine provision and growth performance in milk-fed piglets. Z. S. He1, Y. L. Hu2, Y. L. Yin*1,3, R. L. Huang1, X. F. Kong1, T. J. Li1, F. W. Li1, and G. Y. Wu1,3, Institute of Subtropical Agriculture, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changsha, Hunan, China, 2Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China, 3Texas A&M University, College Station.


2:30 PM


Dietary arginine supplementation enhances the immune status of piglets. B. E. Tan1, Y. L. Yin*1, X. F. Kong1, T. J. Li1, R. L. Huang1, P. Zhang1, F. G. Yin1, I. Shinzato2, S. W. Kim , and G. Y. Wu1,4, 1Institute of Subtropical Agriculture, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changsha, Hunan, China, Ajinomoto, Tokyo, Japan, 3Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas A&M University, College Station.

3,4 2


2:45 PM


Evaluation of different additives in weaned pigs raised in a commercial setting. K. J. Touchette1, M. D. Newcomb1, J. A. Cuaron2, G. Lanz-Arias2, and D. W. Giesting*1, 1Cargill Animal Nutrition, Elk River, MN, 2INIFIAP/PAIPEME, Queretaro, Qro., Mexico.

3:00 PM


The interaction of dietary energy and an E. coli phytase enzyme on the performance of weanling pigs. A. D. Beaulieu*1, J. F. Patience1, T. M. Parr2, C. L. Wyatt2, and M. R. Bedford2, 1Prairie Swine Centre, Inc., Saskatoon, SK, Canada, 2Syngenta Animal Nutrition, RTP, NC.

3:15 PM


Bioavailability of iron in an organic iron source for young pigs. G. L. Cromwell*, M. D. Lindemann, and H. J. Monegue, University of Kentucky, Lexington.

3:30 PM


A comparison of water delivered direct fed microbials or organic acids with in-feed antibiotics on weanling pig growth performance, intestinal morphology, gut microbiota and immune status following a Salmonella typhimurium challenge. M. C. Walsh*1, D. M. Sholly1, K. L. Saddoris1, B. E. Aldridge1, A. L. Sutton1, M. H. Rostagno2, B. T. Richert1, and J. S. Radcliffe1, 1Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, 2USDA Livestock Behaviour Unit, West Lafayette, IN.

3:45 PM


Influence of diet and manure management on growth performance and carcass characteristics of wean-finish pigs. D. M. Sholly*, R. B. Hinson, K. L. Saddoris, M. C. Walsh, A. L. Sutton, B. T. Richert, and J. S. Radcliffe, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN.

4:00 PM


Relationship of isoprostanes, biomarker of oxidative stress, and pig productivity. T. S. Stahl*, J. B. Zamzow, D. Wang, and A. E. Atwood, Iowa State University, Ames.

4:15 PM


The impact of coating on thermostability and bioefficacy of phytase in weaned pigs fed corn-soybean meal based diets. A. Owusu-Asiedu1, P. H. Simmins1, J. L. Landero2,3, and R. T. Zijlstra*3, 1Danisco Animal Nutrition, Marlborough, UK, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, Mexicali, México, 3University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada.


4:30 PM


Enzymatic comparisons of Aspergillus niger PhyA and Escherichia coli AppA2 phytases. A. H. J. Ullah2, J. D. Weaver*1, K. Sethumadhavan2, E. J. Mullaney2, and X. G. Lei1, 1Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 2SRRC, ARS, USDA, New Orleans, LA.

4:45 PM


Effects of dietary electrolyte balance and molasses in diets with corn-based distillers dried grains with solubles on growth performance in nursery and finishing pigs. C. Feoli*1, J. D. Hancock1, S. M. Williams1, T. L. Gugle1, S. D. Carter2, and N. A. Cole3, 1Kansas State University, Manhattan, 2Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, 3USDA/ARS, Bushland, TX.

T. Steiner4, 1University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria, 2BIOMIN America Inc, San Antonio, Texas, 3Universidad Mayor, Santiago, Chile, 4BIOMIN GmbH, Herzogenburg, Austria.

4:00 PM


Effects of phytobiotics on nursery pig performance. R. C. Sulabo*1, J. Y. Jacela1, J. M. DeRouchey1, M. D. Tokach1, F. Neher2, R. D. Goodband1, S. S. Dritz1, and J. L. Nelssen1, 1Kansas State University, Manhattan, 2Biomin Inc., San Antonio, TX.

4:15 PM


Dietary supplementation with Acanthopanax Senticosus extracts enhances the digestion and absorption of dietary protein and amino acids in weaned pigs. F. G. Yin*1, X. F. Kong1, Y. L. Yin1, H. J. Liu1, F. F. Xing1, Q. H. He1, T. J. Li1, R. L. Huang1, P. Zhang1, and G. Y. Wu1,2, 1Institute of Subtropical Agriculture, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changsha, Hunan, China, 2Texas A&M University, College Station.

Nonruminant Nutrition Weanling Pig Nutrition Chair: Jeffery Escobar, Virginia Polytechnic and State University 210


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