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9:30 AM


Balancing diets for rumen microbial protein requirements: 1) effects on animal performance under a deficient rumen available protein scenario. P. J. Guiroy*, D. H. Theuninck, C. B. Calk, and J. N. Pike, Cargill Inc, Minnetonka, MN.

9:45 AM


Balancing diets for rumen microbial protein requirements: 2) effects on animal performance under an excess rumen available protein scenario. J. N. Pike*, P. J. Guiroy, D. H. Theuninck, and C. B. Calk, Cargill Inc, Minnetonka, MN.

10:00 AM


Effect of level of metabolizable protein on milk production and nitrogen utilization in lactating dairy cows. C. Wang*1, J. X. Liu1, Z. P. Yuan1, Y. M. Wu1, S. W. Zhai1, and H. W. Ye2, 1Institute of Dairy Sciences, Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Molecular Animal Nutrition, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China, 2Hangzhou Zhengxing Animal Industry Company, Hangzhou, China.

10:15 AM


Nutrient demand affects nitrogen utilization responses to diets containing alfalfa or orchardgrass. J. A. Voelker Linton* and M. S. Allen, Michigan State University, East Lansing.

10:30 AM


A comparative review of the flow of nitrogen fractions at the omasal canal and duodenum of dairy cows. I. R. Ipharraguerre*1, S. M. Reynal2, P. Huhtanen3, J. H. Clark4, G. A. Broderick2, and S. Ahvenjärvi5, 1Lucta S.A., Barcelona, Spain, 2US Dairy Forage Research Center, Madison, 3Cornell University, Ithaca, 4University of Illinois, Urbana, 5MTT Agrifood Research Finland, Jokioinen.

10:45 AM


Essential oil supplementation of a corn silage based diet deficient in rumen undegraded protein fed to lactating Holstein dairy cows. C. A. Crawford, C. G. Schwab, A. B. Conroy, P. S. Erickson, N. L. Whitehouse*, and S. E. Boucher, University of New Hampshire, Durham.

11:00 AM


The effect of rumen undegradable and rumen degradable protein concentration on urea recycling in mid-lactation cows. S. K. Ivan*1, R. L. Baldwin, VI2, and R. A. Kohn1, 1University of Maryland, College Park, 2USDA-ARS, Beltsville, MD.

11:15 AM


Nitrogen excretion and utilization efficiency in dairy sheep fed diets with different dietary energy contents. V. Giovanetti1, M. Decandia1, F. Boe2, E. Zerbini3, A. Cannas2, and G. Molle*1, 1Istituto Zootecnico e Caseario della Sardegna, Olmedo, Sardinia, Italy, 2Dipartimento di Scienze Zootecniche, Università di Sassari, Sassari, Sardinia, Italy, 3Cargill Animal Nutrition, Spessa, Italy.

8:30 AM

Introduction. M. Wilson, Ralco Nutrition, Madison, WI.

8:40 AM

Nutritional regimes that may reduce infertility influences of season. O. Peltoniemi, University of Helsinki, Finland.

9:30 AM

Immunology of Heat Stress and Summer Infertility. J. Crenshaw, APC, Inc..

10:15 AM

Heat Stress and Management Ways to Handle Heat Stress. Speaker TBD.

11:00 AM

Panel Discussion and Q&A.

SYMPOSIUM Swine Species Impact of Season on the Boar and Sow Chair: Mark Wilson, Ralco Nutrition 213

SYMPSOIUM Teaching/Undergraduate & Graduate Education Swine Teaching Chair: Duane E. Reese, University of Nebraska 212

8:30 AM


8:35 AM


Enrollment in swine classes at 49 four-year institutions during academic years 1998-99 to 2005-06. D. E. Reese*, K. M. Eskridge, and D. A. Travnicek, University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

8:50 AM


Regionalization of teaching efforts? - Midwest Poultry Consortium experience. M. M. Beck*1 and B. C. Wentworth2, Clemson University, Clemson, SC, 2University of Wisconsin, Madison.


9:20 AM


Regionalizaton of swine teaching efforts. D. J. Meisinger*, US Pork Center of Excellence, Ames, IA.

9:50 AM

Discussion: Create a Library or Depository of Teaching Resources?


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