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Ileal amino acid digestibility of protein feed ingredients at 5 and 21 days of age by broiler chickens. J. M. Rynsburger*1, D Hoehler2, and H. L. Classen1, 1University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, Canada, 2Degussa Corporation, Kennesaw, GA.

9:45 AM


Effects of a reduction of dietary crude protein on performance and economics in commercial Ross 708 broilers. E. A. Guaiume*1, J. D. Firman1, D. Hoehler2, P. B. Tillman3, D. Burnham4, J. Parcell1, L. B. Linares1, and A. Kamyab1, University of Missouri, Columbia, 2Degussa Corporation, Kennesaw, GA, 3Ajinomoto Heartland LLC, Chicago, IL, Aviagen Inc., Huntsville, AL.

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10:00 AM


Effects of dietary protein concentration and age on gut morphology, crude mucin, and sialic acid contents of ileal digesta of turkey poults. S. A. Adedokun*, D. M. Karcher, and T. J. Applegate, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN.

10:15 AM


Protein and amino acid retention in growing White Pekin ducks receiving graded levels of dietary crude protein. N. L. Horn* and O. Adeola, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN.

10:30 AM


Effect of strain and immune status on dietary lysine requirements in broilers as determined by indicator amino acid oxidation. R. D. Kirschenman* and D. R. Korver, University of Alberta, Edmonton AB, Canada.

10:45 AM


Dietary protein quality and feed restriction influence abundance of PepT1 mRNA in the small intestine of two lines of broilers. E. Gilbert*1, H. Li1, D. Emmerson2, K. Webb, Jr.1, and E. Wong1, 1Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, 2Aviagen®, Huntsville, AL.

11:00 AM


Cysteine toxicity in chicks. R. N. Dilger* and D. H. Baker, University of Illinois, Urbana.

11:15 AM


Digestibility and availability of the creatine source guanidino acetic acid in broilers. A. Lemme*1, J. Tossenberger2, and J. Ringel1, 1Degussa GmbH - Feed Additives, Hanau, Germany, 2University of Kaposvár, Kaposvár, Hungary.

11:30 AM


Effect of amino acid formulation and synthetic amino acid supplementation on turkey tom performance. T. Applegate*1, W. Powers2, and R. Angel3, 1Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, 2Michigan State University, East Lansing, 3University of Maryland, College Park.

11:45 AM


Increased dietary balanced protein levels at varying length of application during the starter period of broilers. A. Lemme*1, M. G. T. Janssen2, P. J. A. Wijtten2, J. K. W. M. Sparla2, and M. S. Redshaw1, 1Degussa GmbH - Feed Additives, Hanau, Germany, 2Provimi B. V., Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

12:00 PM


Response of vaccinated starting broilers to the inclusion of NEAA as gelatin to high and low CP feed while maintaining EAA requirements. R. Lehman* and E. T. Moran, Auburn University, Auburn, AL.

12:15 PM


Evaluation of isoleucine and valine limitation in diets for heavy high-yield broilers. A. Corzo*1, M. T. Kidd1, J. Collier1, W. A. Dozier, III2, and D. Hoehler3, 1Mississippi State University, Mississippi State, 2USDA-ARS, Mississippi State, MS, 3Degussa Corporation, Kennesaw, GA.

Nonruminant Nutrition Poultry Nutrition - Protein and Amino Acids Chair: Randy Mitchell, Perdue Farms 214 C

9:30 AM


Dietary selenium regulation of the rat liver and kidney selenoproteomes. K. M. Hargrave*, J. K. Evenson, A. M. Rothert, and R. A. Sunde, University of Wisconsin, Madison.

9:45 AM


Copper can be absorbed as a Cu-peptide chelate through the PepT1 transporter in the jejunum of weanling pigs. B. E. Aldridge*, K. L. Saddoris, and J. S. Radcliffe, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN.

10:00 AM


The feeding of low-P diets to weanling pigs stimulates Na+-dependent phosphate transport by a post-translational mechanism in the jejunum. K. L. Saddoris* and J. S. Radcliffe, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN.

10:15 AM


Dietary supplementation with zinc oxide decreases the expression of the stem-cell factor in the small intestine of weanling pigs. D. Y. Ou1, D. F. Li*1, Y. H. Cao1, X. L. Li1, J. D. Yin1, S. Y. Qiao1, and G. Y. Wu2, 1China Agricultural University, Beijing, China, 2Texas A&M University, College Station.

10:30 AM


Net portal absorption of inorganic zinc and zinc-amino acid chelates by growing pigs. R. D. Mateo*1, M. I. Perret-Gentil2, M. W. Hart1, R. A. Samford3, and S. W. Kim1, 1Texas Tech University, Lubbock, 2Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, Lubbock, 3Albion Advanced Nutrition, Clearfield, UT.

Nonruminant Nutrition Swine Mineral Nutrition and Metabolism Chair: Olayiwola Adeola, Purdue University 212


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