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Effects of Saccharomyces cerevisiae on ruminal pH and microbial fermentation in lactating dairy cows. M. Thrune1, A. Bach2, M. Ruiz-Moreno1, M. D. Stern*1, and J. G. Linn1, 1University of Minnesota, St. Paul, 2IRTA-Unitat de Remugants, Spain.

9:45 AM


Impacts of a Yucca schidigera extract on rumen fermentation and in vitro gas production and NDF digestion. M. D. Singer*1, P. H. Robinson1, A. Z. M Salem2, and E. J. DePeters1, 1University of California, Davis, 2University of Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt.

10:00 AM


Yeast culture supplementation prevented milk fat depression from a fermentable carbohydrate challenge. R. A. Longuski*, Y. Ying, and M. S. Allen, Michigan State University, East Lansing.

10:15 AM


The effect of yeast culture and enzymatically hydrolyzed yeast supplementation on performance of dairy cattle. J. E. Nocek*1, J. Oppy2, and M. G. Holt2, 1Spruce Haven Farm and Research Ctr, Auburn, NY, 2Varied Industries Corporation, Mason City, IA.

10:30 AM


Effect of pasteurized waste milk, medicated milk replacer, mannan oligiosaccharide and enzymatically hydrolyzed yeast on neonatal calf performance. J. E. Nocek*1, J. Oppy2, and M. G. Holt2, 1Spruce Haven Farm and Research Ctr, Auburn, NY, Varied Industries Corporation, Mason City, IA.


10:45 AM


Effects of feeding rumen-protected choline (RPC) on lactation and metabolism. F. S. Lima*1, M. F. Sa Filho1, L. F. Greco1, F. Susca1, V. J. A. Magalhaes1, J. Garrett2, and J. E. P. Santos1, 1Veterinary Medicine Teaching and Research Center, University of California Davis, Tulare, 2Balchem Corporation, Animal Nutrition & Health, New Hampton, NY.

11:00 AM


Effect of feeding Fermenten® on the productivity of cows fed different concentrations of sucrose. G. B. Penner* and M. Oba, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

11:15 AM


Effect of monensin feeding and withdrawal on ruminal populations of individual bacterial species in cows fed high-starch diets. P. J. Weimer*1,2, D. M. Stevenson1, D. R. Mertens1, and E. E. Thomas3, 1United States Department of Agriculture, Madison, WI, 2University of Wisconsin, Madison, 3Elanco Animal Health, Inc., Greenfield, IN.

11:30 AM


Effects of nitroethane and monensin on ruminal CH4 production and nitro-degrading bacterial populations in vitro. H. Gutierrez-Bañuelos*1, R. C. Anderson2, G. E. Carstens1, L .O. Tedeschi1, E. Cabrera-Diaz1, T. R. Callaway2, and D. J. Nisbet2, 1Texas A&M University, College Station,, 2USDA/ARS, Food & Feed Safety Research Unit, College Station, TX.

11:45 AM


Effect of monensin concentration in starter feed on feed intake and growth of young dairy calves. E. E. Thomas*, Elanco Animal Health, Greenfield, IN.

12:00 PM


Deactivation of aflatoxin B1 in animal feed by using a selected bentonite. G. Schatzmayr*1, S. Fruhauf , and E. Vekiru2, BIOMIN Research Center, Tulln, Austria, 2Christian Doppler Laboratory for Mycotoxin Research, Tulln, Austria.



12:15 PM


Adding liquid feed while reducing non-fiber carbohydrates (NFC) enhances feed intake and milk fat production. J. L. Firkins*, C. Reveneau, L. E. Gilligan, and A. Sprunger, Ohio State University, Columbus.

Ruminant Nutrition Ruminal Fermentation - Dairy Chair: William Sanchez, Diamond V Mills, Inc. 217 D

12:00 PM


The effects of feeding ground flaxseed on morbidity, mortality, and performance in receiving heifers and subsequent feedlot performance. M. J. Quinn*, E. S. Moore, B. E. Depenbusch, M. L. May, J. J. Higgins, and J. S. Drouillard, Kansas State University, Manhattan.

12:15 PM


Effect of feeding das-59122-7 corn grain and non-transgenic corn grain to finishing feedlot steers. T. J. Huls*1, G. E. Erickson1, T. J. Klopfenstein1, M. K. Luebbe1, K. J. Vander Pol1, D. W. Rice2, B. L. Smith2, M. A. Hinds2, F. N. Owens2, and M. K. Liebergesell2, 1University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 2Pioneer Hi-Bred Internation, Inc., Johnston, IA.

SYMPOSIUM Teaching/Undergraduate & Graduate Education Visual Learning in Animal Science Chair: Patricia Schoknecht, Wagner College 204 A

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Introductory Remarks.

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