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Effect of out-wintering pad design on cow hoof health. K. O'Driscoll*1,2, L. Boyle1, P. French1, and A. Hanlon2, Moorepark Dairy Production Research Centre, Fermoy, Co. Cork, Ireland, 2University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland.


2:45 PM


Correlation between tarsal lesions on dairy cows housed in free-stalls and culling rate, somatic cell count, percent mature cows, and milk production by stall base. W. K. Fulwider*, T. Grandin, D. J. Garrick, T. E. Engle, W. D. Lamm, N. L. Dalsted, and B. E. Rollin, Colorado State University, Fort Collins.

3:00 PM


Effect of body condition score at calving on production and reproduction performance in dairy herds of Argentina. J. Grigera*1, F. Busso2, F. Bargo1, and C. Corbellini2, 1Elanco Animal Health, ACBSCR, 2INTA Pergamino.

3:15 PM


Ration sorting in freestall dairy herds. M. I. Endres* and L. A. Espejo, University of Minnesota, St. Paul.

3:30 PM


The effect of breed and feeding a split ration to lactating hair sheep on ewe body temperature in the tropics. R. W. Godfrey*, M. C. Vinson, and R. C. Ketring, University of the Virgin Islands, Agricultural Experiment Station, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands.

3:45 PM


Effects of heat stress on production, lipid metabolism and somatotropin variables in lactating cows. M. L Rhoads*1, R. P. Rhoads1, S. R. Sanders1, S. H. Carroll1, W. J. Weber2, B. A. Crooker2, R. J. Collier1, M. J. VanBaale1, and L. H. Baumgard1, 1University of Arizona, 2University of Minnesota, St. Paul.

4:00 PM


Effect of encapsulated niacin on resistance to acute thermal stress in lactating Holstein cows. R. B. Zimbelman*, J Muumba, L. H. Hernandez, J. B. Wheelock, G. Shwartz, M. D. O'Brien, L. H. Baumgard, and R. J. Collier, University of Arizona.

4:15 PM


Effect of level of production and intensive cooling in summer on productive and reproductive performance of high yielding dairy cows. I. Flamenbaum*1 and E. Ezra2, 1Ministry of Agriculture, Extension Service, Beit-Dagan, Israel, 2Israel Cattle Breeders Association, Caesarea, Israel.

4:30 PM


Reducing freestall availability without limiting feed access during dry period does not affect subsequent milk yield. J. M. Velasco*, K. K. Fried, T. F. Gressley, E. D. Reid, T. C. Hausman, and G. E. Dahl, University of Illinois, Urbana.

4:45 PM


Using ear canal temperature to predict vaginal temperature. B. H. Carter*, T. H. Friend, M. A. Tomaszewski, J. R. Fisher, and G. M. Bingham, Texas A&M University, College Station.

2:00 PM

ADSA Pioneer

Future of pasture-based systems in the U.S. L. D. Muller, Pennsylvania State University, University Park.

2:15 PM


Effects of N solubility on metabolisable protein value of grass silage. P. Huhtanen*1, M. Rinne2, and J. Nousiainen3, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 2MTT-Agrifood Research, Finland, 3Valio Ltd., Finland.


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Ruminal metabolism of N labelled ammonium-N and grass silage soluble non-ammonia-N. S. Ahvenjarvi*1, A. Vanhatalo1, P. Huhtanen , and A. N. Hristov2, 1MTT Agrifood Research Finland, Jokioinen, Finland, 2University of Idaho, Moscow.

2:45 PM


The aerobic stability of forage maize silage preserved with microbial inoculant with and without preservatives. J. K. Margerison*1, S. A. Hall2, and D. Wilde3, 1Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand, 2University of Plymouth, Plymouth, UK, 3Alltech Ltd, Stamford, Lincs, UK.

3:00 PM


Effect of corn hybrid and processing on ruminal and intestinal digestion using the mobile bag technique. F. W. Harrelson*1, N. F. Meyer1, G. E. Erickson1, T. J. Klopfenstein1, and W. A. Fithian2, 1University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 2Golden Harvest Seeds, Inc., Waterloo, NE.

3:15 PM


Ruminal L-dopa degradability and in vitro fermentation kinetics of Mucuna pruriens and soybean meal treated with or without L-dopa. S. K. Chikagwa-Malunga*, A. T. Adesogan, S. C. Kim, N. J. Szabo, R. C. Littell, and N. Krueger, University of Florida, Gainesville.

3:30 PM


Study internal molecular-structural changes of flaxseeds affected by dry roasting at various conditions in relation to rumen degradation kinetics of dairy cattle. K. Doiron* and P. Yu, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, Canada.

3:45 PM


Microbial characteristics, microbial nitrogen flow, and urinary purine derivative excretion in steers fed at two levels of intake. G. I. Crawford*, M. K. Luebbe, J. R. Benton, T. J. Klopfenstein, and G. E. Erickson, University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

Ruminant Nutrition Nitrogen Metabolism/Immunology Chair: Chad Mueller, Oregon State University 217 B


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