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Prediction of degree of mastitis from repeated measurements of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) in milk. N. C. Friggens*1, M. G. G. Chagunda1, M. Bjerring1, C. Ridder2, S. Højsgaard1, and T. Larsen1, 1University of Aarhus, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Denmark, 2Lattec I/S, Hillerød, Denmark.

9:45 AM


Effects of energy balance and Streptococcus uberis intrammamary infection challenge on gene expression profiles in bovine mammary tissue. K. M. Moyes*, J. K. Drackley, D. E. Morin, S. L. Rodriguez-Zas, R. E. Everts, H. A. Lewin, and J. J. Loor, University of Illinois, Urbana.

10:00 AM


The effect of negative energy balance on immune response to Streptococcus uberis mastitis challenge in dairy cattle during mid-lactation. K. M. Moyes*, J. L. Salak-Johnson, D. E. Morin, J. K. Drackley, and J. J. Loor, University of Illinois, Urbana.

10:15 AM


Multiplex PCR system for the detection of mastitis-causing pathogens. J. M. St-Pierre*, C. Thibault, and N. Bissonnette, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.

10:30 AM


Efficacy of treatment protocols for Gram negative and no growth clinical mastitis in dairy cattle. J. R. Wenz*, Washington State University, Pullman.

10:45 AM


The effect of uterine infusion of ceftiofur in the immediate postpartum on uterine health in dairy cows. R. G. Bruno*, M. F. Sa Filho, D. F. Resende, F. S. Lima, and J. E. P. Santos, Veterinary Medicine Teaching and Research Center, University of California Davis, Tulare.

11:00 AM


Metabolic profiles of dairy cows that develop metritis. J. M. Huzzey*1, T. F. Duffield2, S. J. LeBlanc2, D. M. Veira3, D. M. Weary1, and M. A. G. von Keyserlingk1, 1University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, 2University of Guelph,

Animal Health - Livestock and Poultry Bovine I Chair: Heather Dann, William H. Miner Agriculture Research Institute 217 C


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Serum non-esterified fatty acid (NEFA) and beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) through the transition period of Holstein cows in different regions of North America. M. E. Carson*1, T. F. Duffield1, S. J. LeBlanc1, K. E. Leslie1, S. M. Godden2, M. B. Capel3, M. W. Overton4, and D. Vallejo5, 1University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, 2University of Minnesota, St Paul, 3Perry Veterinary Clinic, Perry, NY, 4University of Georgia, Athens, 5University of California, Davis, Tulare.

11:45 AM


An evaluation of meloxicam (Metacam®) as an adjunctive therapy for calves with neonatal calf diarrhea complex. C. G. Todd*1, D. R. McKnight2, S. T. Millman1, T. F. Duffield1, and K. E. Leslie1, 1University of Guelph, Guelph, ON, Canada, University of Guelph, Kemptville, ON, Canada.


12:00 PM


A Diagnostic Algorithm, in a dashboard environment for common dairy cow health concerns. D. T. Galligan*1, D. Remsburg1, J. Ferguson1, R. Munson1, and G. Licitra2,3, 1University of Pennsylvania, Kennett Square, 2CoRFiLaC, Regione Siciliana, Ragusa, Italy, 3DACP University of Catania, Catania, Italy.

12:00 PM


Behavior of beef calves weaned by traditional, fenceline and two-step methods. J. M. Siegford*, D. D. Buskirk, and M. K. Sharra, Michigan State University, East Lansing.

11:15 AM


Effects of reduced freestall access during the dry period upon cellular immune function and transition health of dairy cows. T. F. Gressley*, K. K. Fried, J. M. Velasco, E. D. Reid, T. C. Hausman, K. M. Moyes, J. L. Salak-Johnson, and G. E. Dahl, University of Illinois, Urbana.

11:15 AM


Space requirements of weaned pigs during transportation. M. A. Sutherland*, N. Krebs, L. E. Hulbert, J. S. Smith, and J. J. McGlone, Texas Tech University, Lubbock.

Ontario, Canada, 3Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre, Agassiz, BC, Canada.


Exercise increases bone density in the joints and limbs of gestating stall-housed gilts. E. L. Schenck*1, K. A. McMunn2, D. Rosenstein3, B. D. Nielsen3, B. T. Richert1, J. N. Marchant Forde2, and D. C. Lay Jr.2, 1Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, 2USDA-ARS-MWA, West Lafayette, IN, 3Michigan State University, East Lansing.

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J D I P D i r e c t i o n f o r J o h n e ' s r e s e a r c h . K . E . O l s o n * 1 , S . J . W e l l s 2 , a n d V . K a p u r 2 , 1 K E O C o n s u l t i n g , S c h a u m b u r g , I L ,

2University of Minnesota, St. Paul.


Effects of pre-weaning strategies on blood metabolites, behavior, and performance of beef calves. H. T. Boland*1, G. Scaglia1, W. S. Swecker, Jr.2, and N. C. Burke2, 1Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, 2Virginia-

Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, Blacksburg.


Effect of stocking density on cow comfort indices. P. D. Krawczel*1,2

, H. M. Dann1, C. S. Ballard1, and R. J. Grant1, 1W.H.

Miner Agricultural Research Institute, Chazy, NY, 2The University of Vermont, Burlington.

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