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    Share options (continued) Further details of the 1999 Share Option Scheme

    • a.

      The purpose of the 1999 Share Option Scheme is to motivate officers, employees, associates, agents and

contractors of the Company or any subsidiary (the Participants) and to allow them to participate in the growth of the Company.

  • b.

    Participants of the 1999 Share Option Scheme include any person the Board may select to be offered an option, subject to compliance with applicable laws, including, without limitation, any full-time or part-time employee of the Company or any subsidiary, any executive or non-executive directors of the Company or any subsidiary and any associate, agent or contractor of the Company or any subsidiary.

  • c.

    The maximum number of shares of HK$0.50 each of the Company (the Shares) in respect of which options may be granted (together with options exercised and options then outstanding) under the Scheme, when aggregated with any number of Shares subject to any other schemes, will be such number of Shares as shall represent 10% of the issued share capital of the Company on the date of adoption of the 1999 Share Option Scheme.

  • d.

    No option may be granted to any Participant under the 1999 Share Option Scheme which, if exercised in full, would result in the total number of Shares already issued and issuable to him under all the options previously granted and to be granted to him in any 12-month period up to the proposed date of the latest grant exceeding 1% of the Companys Shares in issue.

  • e.

    The period within which the Shares must be taken up under an option is 36 months commencing on the expiry of 24 months after the date upon which the option is deemed to be granted and accepted and expiring on the last day of the 36 monthsperiod.

  • f.

    Any Participant who accepts an offer of the grant of an option in accordance with the terms of the Scheme shall pay to the Company HK$1.00 by way of consideration for the grant thereof within a period of 28 days from the date on which an option is offered to the participant.

  • g.

    The subscription price, the price per Share at which a grantee may subscribe for Shares on the exercise of an option, shall be the higher of (i) the last dealt price of the Shares quoted in the Stock Exchange daily quotations sheets on the date of offer of an option, which must be a business day (as defined in the Rules Governing the Listing of Securities on the Stock Exchange), and (ii) the average of the last dealt prices of the Shares quoted in the Stock Exchanges daily quotations sheets for the five business days immediately preceding the said offer date, provided that the subscription price shall in no event be less than the nominal value of a Share.

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