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Corporate Governance Report

Great Eagle Holdings Limited is committed to maintaining and developing a high standard of corporate governance practices that are designed to enhance company image, boost shareholdersconfidence, and reduce the risk of fraudulent practices and ultimately serve the long-term interests of our shareholders. The Board of Directors of the Company continues to monitor and review the Companys corporate governance practices to ensure compliance.

Corporate Governance Practices

The Company has complied with all the code provisions and, where appropriate, adopted some of the recommended best practices as set out in the Code on Corporate Governance Practices (the CG Code) contained in Appendix 14 to the Listing Rules throughout the year under review, except the following deviations from certain CG Code provisions in respect of which remedial steps for compliance have been taken or considered reasons are given below:

CG Code Provision A.2.1 requires that the roles of chairman and chief executive officer should be separate and should not be performed by the same individual

Dr. Lo Ka Shui is the Chairman of the Board and is holding the office of Managing Director of the Company. While this is a deviation from CG Code Provision A.2.1, dual role leadership has been in practice by the Company for decades and has withstood the test of time. The Board considers this arrangement to be appropriate for the Company as it can preserve the consistent leadership culture of the Company and allow efficient discharge of the executive functions of the chief executive officer. The Board believes that a balance of power and authority is adequately ensured by the operations of the Board which comprises experienced and high caliber individuals including four Independent Non-executive Directors.

CG Code Provision A.4.1 requires that non-executive directors should be appointed for a specific term, subject to re-election

While the Bye-laws of the Company requires that one-third of the Directors (other than the Executive Chairman and Managing Director) should retire by rotation, the Non-executive Directors (including the Independent Non-executive Directors) have no fixed term of office. The Board considers that the provisions in the Bye-laws of the Company and its corporate governance measures are no less exacting than those prescribed by CG Code Provision A.4.1 and therefore does not intend to take any steps in this regard.

CG Code Provision A.4.2 requires that every director should be subject to retirement by rotation at least once every three years

Under the existing Bye-laws of the Company, the Executive Chairman and Managing Director of the Company are not subject to retirement by rotation. The same provision is contained in The Great Eagle Holdings Limited Company Act, 1990 of Bermuda. As such, Directors who hold the offices of either the Executive Chairman or the Managing Director of the Company are by statute not required to retire by rotation. After due consideration, in particular to the legal costs and procedures involved, the Board considers that it is not desirable to propose any amendment to The Great Eagle Holdings Limited Company Act, 1990 for the sole purpose of subjecting the Executive Chairman and Managing Director of the Company to retirement by rotation. Dr. Lo Ka Shui is a substantial shareholder of the Company whose interests in shares and underlying shares of the Company and associate company are set out in the Report of the Directors contained herein. There is no service contract between the Company and Dr. Lo Ka Shui, and he is not appointed for any specified length or proposed length of services with the Company. The biography of Dr. Lo and details of his emoluments are provided on page 34 of this Annual Report and in note 13 to the consolidated financial statements respectively.

Great Eagle Holdings Limited

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