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Communication with Shareholders

The Company follows a policy of disclosing relevant information to shareholders in a timely manner. The Company maintains an on-going dialogue with the Companys shareholders. One of the principal channels of communication with the shareholders of the Company is the annual general meeting. The Chairman of the Board and the respective Board Committees or their duly appointed delegates and other Board members will attend the annual general meeting to answer questions from shareholders. The Company ensues the shareholdersviews are communicated to the Board. Proceedings of General Meetings are reviewed from time to time to ensure that the Company follows the best appropriate corporate governance practices.

Proceedings of General Meetings

  • At each general meeting, each substantially separate issue will be considered by a separate resolution.

  • Copies of the corporate communications including circulars, explanatory statements and related documents will be despatched to shareholders over 20 clear business days prior to the meeting. Detailed information on each resolution to be proposed will also be provided.

  • The external auditor will attend annual general meeting to answer questions about the conduct of the audit, the preparation and content of the auditorsreport, the accounting policies and auditor independence and any other related questions as may be raised by the shareholders.

  • All votes of shareholders at general meeting will be taken by poll. The procedures for conducting a poll will be explained at the meeting.

  • Independent scrutineer will be engaged to ensure all votes at general meeting are properly counted.

  • Poll vote results will be posted on the websites of the Company and the Stock Exchange on the same day after the


Under the Bye-laws of the Company, shareholders holding not less than 5% of the paid up capital of the Company may convene an extraordinary general meeting by requisition stating the objects of the meeting, and deposit the signed requisition at the Companys registered office.

Maintaining timely and effective communications with shareholders and the investment community about corporate strategy, business development and prospects is an important priority for the Group. All corporate communications of the Company, including but not limited to annual reports, interim reports, notices of meetings, announcements, circulars and other relevant Companys information are available on the website of the Company at www.GreatEagle.com.hk.

To ensure mutual and efficient communications, the Company meets institutional investors, financial analysts and media regularly. Analyst briefings and investor meetings were held during the year. Investors and shareholders may visit the Companys website for details of the Companys recent press release and results announcement presentation and may also send enquiries to the Companys website. A financial calendar setting out the important dates is contained in this Annual Report.

Annual Report 2010


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